Finally, an app that can be used to watch YouTube videos together with friends.


Google Uptime App

In effect, on Facebooks increasing viewership on Facebook Live, this app can help YouTube to gain its popularity in YouTube Live events. As per the study published by eMarketer last year, it was announced that as of November 2016, more US internet users say they have watched live video on Facebook than on any other platform. We can observe the predictions of this report, as the total share of Facebook resulted in 17 percent of the “Live Video” audience than YouTube’s 16 %.

Benefits of UPTIME

Watch videos together with friends.

Just download the app and watch, browse YouTube videos.

Interact and chat while watching videos.

While watching the video, you can share emoji’s, send text messages and track the watch status of your friend. Also, there is no private messaging system in the app yet.

Share and curate your favorite YouTube videos.

Currently, you can’t record a video to the app, you can only search for and watch YouTube videos that already exist.

Get daily video recommendations from friends and people you follow.

The pleasure of being the “Notification Squad” will get a whole new meaning. Now, build your own “squad” by inviting your friends and watch/comment together.

Launched from the house of Google

UPTIME App is a product of Google’s new start-up incubator called “Area 120.” The new “Area 120” name plays on the Google’s 20 percent formula, which lets employees work on their own creative business projects 20 percent of the time. This will be the place where Google’s employees will be able to apply to work on their own startup ideas full-time.

With the launch of UPTIME app, YouTube can finally look for a possible tie-up of their “Super Chat” feature with this app.


Super Chat is a highlighted message in the chat stream that stands out from the crowd to get even more of your favorite creator’s attention during Live Streams. This feature also allows viewers to pay real money in order to have their messages stand out in the chat stream. If this app collaboration happens, then YouTube can monopolize this feature into an active inbuilt feature in YouTube’s “Creator studio App.”

Uptime is only available on iOS for now and will work only for users in the United States of America. Android users have to wait, as this product was just launched yesterday.