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Understanding audience behaviour on digital Optimization of video marketing spends Competitor benchmarking Content strategy & media planning Growth in organic viewership

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Vidooly helps content creators, advertisers, media companies and agencies to succeed in digital video through its best in class analytics

Content Creators

15 Million+

Content Creators

Vidooly's Deep Eye Technology tracks the performance of content creators across major social video platforms.


500 Million+


Our engine tracks viewing habits of millions of users across multiple platforms & their content consumption journey.

You Videos

2 Billion+


Vidooly's big data engine tracks & measures the performance of billions of videos across major social media platforms.

With Richer Data Comes Deeper Insights

We provide analytics and video intelligence so that you can focus on making content, not reports


Identify and refine variety of video content search across social media platforms based on demographics, language, geography, genre and more.

Market Intelligence

Identify and track the video influencers based on multiple filters. Measure the influencer content performance and take decisions for branded content creation.

Audience Analytics

Vidooly offers unique insights into the digital video viewing habits of 500 million consumers including age, gender, location, affinity and cross-platform audience overlap.

Content Strategy

Analyze video content in different genres and topics with detailed overview of meta data. Track competitors and get strategic insights for your future content strategy.


Vidooly enables content creators to generate more revenue from brand sponsorship. Also helps in optimizing meta data and applying mid-roll breaks on long form content strategically.

Our Product Suite

Video analytics for content creators

For Creators

Cross platform video analytics software trusted by over 10,000 online video creators worldwide. Analyze, optimize and grow your online video business with Vidooly's video analytics suite.

Multi Channel Networks

For MCNs

The only platform that allows Multi Channel Networks to manage their business end-to-end, right from partner outreach and user management to cross platform analytics and payouts.

Video analytics software for advertisers

For Brands and Agencies

The complete video intelligence platform for brands & agencies to increase the reach of their videos and enhance brand visibility. Understand your target audience better and increase brand recall.

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