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Some 10 YouTube Years ago, a technology was born, which has now completely reshaped the way we consume entertainment today. With the world shrinking everyday to the effect of nanotechnology we are now an enthusiastic and sometimes reticent bunch of audience being subjected to world over entertainment in every genre possible…

And all this started ….well it started long before the adorable cat GIFs started to make sense on your computer and small steady steps towards video sharing began to take place, back in 2004.

So here are 10 Interesting facts about the place where you are mostly at during the better part of the day 😉


1. Not a fore-runner as a video sharing platform

Long before YouTube became, the ultimate paradise for video consumption a small time businessman realizing the limitation of video attachment as a mail started off with share your a website dedicated to sharing video content with your near and dear ones. Well, the venture died a natural death owing to internet being in the nascent stage trying to grow a foothold and slow paced development in the web being the other reason.


2. The first video ever

was a 19-second clip of one of the co-founders Jawed Karim on his day out in the zoo titled, Me at the zoo. In the clip, he’s seen to be detailing about the really long trunk of the elephants which is ridiculously humorous. It was uploaded on April 23rd , 2005

What comes next, is the probable sarcasm in the first ever comment on YouTube as ‘INTERESTING‘ which has received a record over I lakh likes on the comment

maximum likes on a comment

3. The first viral video ever

was Charlie bit me – again, a home video featuring two brothers aged 3 and 1 wherein the younger bites the elder brother. The kids (Harry & Charlie’s) antics in the video were so loved in the salad days of YouTube  that it got a mammoth  video-response from people all around with adults aping the two kids and saying the same dialogue. By far that video has received more than eight hundred and seventeen million views

4. The most viral video ever

s easily remembered to be Psy GanGam style. The like bar went so high that YouTube had to introduce the billion metric to accommodate the ever increasing like bar.

Gangam style

5. The most disliked video to be recorded

is you guessed it right…Baby Hitmaker, Justin Bieber, the song which brought him to spotlight. Such is the irony that the video, also has maximum number of likes spanning over a billion.

It’s also interesting to note, that Justin Bieber as a kid exhibited his talent on YouTube and later got his due when he became the youngest YouTube star in America and floored his audience.

6. The longest video to be uploaded

was a video which was 571 hours, 41 seconds longs which would have taken you a record 24 days to watch if you were to watch seamlessly. It was later taken down.

7. Original player

YouTube was originally conceived by the former PayPal employees as a video dating website named Tune in & hook up which was again modeled on the website Hot or Not. Later, when things did not brew the desired results, the idea of a dating service was dropped but video hosting website was retained.

8. Early signs

Showing great promise of being a dynamic enterprise it was acquired by Google just after 18 months of its launch. Later constant development of web –interface and design as well as user friendly features rendered it the second best search engine in the world ,next only to google and the third most subscribed website world-wide. Constant innovation like YouTube live (live streaming of events in 2011) YouTube 360,(accommodating screen layout for 360 degree videos.) G+ integration for comment moderation are much added advantages. Similarly YouTube offline introduced only in India, Indonesia &Philippines lets you take videos offline to watch later in event of limited data package and low power in the phone. Makes life so much easier in the event of net –neutrality. ;)!

9.Using social media

YouTube has made its presence known to all and sundry. It is reported that 700 tweets per day feature YouTube link as well as 500 years of YouTube videos are watched everyday on facebook . To counter such a trend and enhance the facebook engagement, fb started with native uploads. However, with 300 hours of video content uploaded on YouTube  every minute and 58 centuries worth of video content being uploaded every year, it seems next to impossible to replicate another video hosting website (with such a bandwidth) as awesome as YouTube.

10. Banned YouTube

Notwithstanding the credibility of YouTube , there are certain countries where it’s banned like China, Turkeminstan, Bangladesh, Iran, Sudan, Tajikistan and Pakistan. No YouTube love here owing to the internal Govt. policies and external factors. However this has not stopped 1 million YouTube creators from making a living under the fruitful YouTube Partners Program. With 10,000 + YouTube advertisers on board it’s a win –win situation for all consumers and producers.

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.

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