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Shruti Sen4 years ago

On 20th June 2018, Instagram surprised the netizens by launching a brand new vertical video-centric platform called IGTV to act as a direct competitor to YouTube. The differentiation factor here is, of course, the fact that it is a mobile-first vertical video platform and allows users to upload videos up to one hour. It was a bold move considering that nothing of that sort existed yet. While the platform is still finding its way with the users, we thought it would be great for you to experiment with some creative IGTV content ideas and adapt to this gradual change in user behavior and preferences.

Whenever a new social network platform or a significantly new feature is launched, individuals and brands must try to go ahead and experiment with it. But considering how rapidly things work in this internet age, what usually ends up being the case in terms of content is just repurposing content that already exists on other platforms. That is something which one must do anyway, but the major concern here is – what is the next step once all repurposing is done?

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We have you covered here with 10 creative and effective IGTV video content ideas that you must take a shot at before it gets overwhelmingly crowded.

Company/Team Introduction

Whether it’s attracting new followers or encourage your current followers to engage more, it is important that as a brand that you leave no stone unturned to first have a proper introduction of yourself, the products/services, team and maybe some fun trivia. IGTV allows you to experiment with the creative possibilities of vertical video. This is a great IGTV video content idea if you haven’t used IGTV yet and want to get the ball rolling.

Office Tour/Behind-the-Scenes

After giving your followers a brief introduction of what you do and your team, the next set of IGTV content ideas would be to make this theme a bit more fun. Audiences love to see unfiltered and raw content on Instagram. It has been very well received in the form of Instagram Stories. IGTV’s launch is bound to take this content category a notch higher since there are more than 30 seconds to showcase content. You can give your followers an office tour and put out behind-the-scenes content for your hero content campaigns.

A Day In The Life

When Instagram Stories launched, brands quickly found an innovative way to carry out partnerships with influencers on the platform by organizing “Instagram Takeovers”. Which was basically a concept that would feature a guest on their Stories for a few hours or an entire day, posting and directly communicating with the brand’s user base. In order to adapt this creative concept into an IGTV content idea, a brand can make a series around “A Day In The Life” of their CEO, Social Media Manager, Intern, etc. This a great way to showcase your brand’s company culture and give your audience a peek inside what really happens at the battlefield.

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Client Testimonials

Every brand knows that client testimonials go a long way in measuring your success rate. When positive client testimonials are received, it is important for the brand to be able to flaunt it subtly onto their platforms. It helps in forming a great first impression. Do make optimal use of this not-so-often used IGTV content idea and see how it impacts your brand goodwill. These testimonials can be in the form of creative audio/text supported by graphics or actual video footage of the client – which is desirable.

Q & A’s + FAQs

Every company that is involved in any kind of trade involving products and services, gets a lot of frequently asked questions from their current and potential customer. In order to make this easier for them, this IGTV content idea to create a series that pertains to answering all major FAQs would really helpful for your customer base. Similarly, various themed Q & A’s can be carried out across your Instagram handle and showcased creatively in the form of an IGTV video series.

Showcase Featured Content

Video content across the web is majorly distributed into three content strategy buckets that are Hub, Hero & Help content. All these three have their own significance in attracting a specific kind of audience. For brands, the most common content strategy is to pump out Hero content frequently in to keep the buzz about the company maintained. Hero content is somewhat like your flagship content property which usually involves major company announcements, product/service launches, and brand partnerships. IGTV is yet another place for such content to be showcased at – it will need to be refined as per the platform requirements and best practices though.

Listicle Videos Of Tips & Tricks

In order to be identified as a prominent industry leader, a brand not only needs to have a good foothold in the market in terms of business but also be able to impart valuable industry knowledge. This IGTV content idea may need slightly more efforts if creating such knowledge-based content isn’t part of your core content strategy. But it isn’t something unrealistic to carry out either. There are various video editing apps now available out there which are user-friendly and lets you make fantastic listicle type videos. Imparting your valuable tips & tricks of the trade is something which will add to your brand goodwill.

Fun Team Activities:

Every company is run by a team, isn’t it? What if you take the step to expose the varied personalities of the team to your customer? It’s an interesting concept because once the audience sees the team members in a fun environment, the brand itself is humanized and there are higher chances of making an impact in their minds. So this IGTV video content idea is to simply come up with fun activities which team members can get involved in such as rapid-fire quizzes, challenges, fun Friday highlights, company outings, and more.

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