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Old Monk is India’s favorite drink and its lovers drink nothing but Old Monk. On January 6th 2018, at the age of 88, Brigadier Kapil Mohan, the man behind the iconic brand of dark rum, Old Monk, passed away. He was an entrepreneur who served as a Chairman and Managing Director of Mohan Meakin. He was also awarded the fourth highest Indian civilian award, Padma Shri in 2010 by the Government of India under the trade and industry category. Since its inception, Old Monk Rum lovers have just wanted the monk and not cared about expensive single malts or crazy wines. No wonder the brand has never need any advertisements to support its sales.

With the massive popularity of Old Monk Rum, there are loads of videos to be found around it. Here are ten interesting videos we found about Old Monk Rum on YouTube, that you’ll enjoy watching.

Being Indian: To That Old Monk Friend

This video by Being Indian is set to take you on an emotional rollercoaster as it urges you to call that Old Monk friend of yours – there’s no better tribute to the founder than that. The video shows two old friends reminiscing about old memories related to the times they drank Old Monk together. As it turns out, the guy calling has not been in touch with the Old Monk friend for two years due to some misunderstandings. Now that he has called, he wants to relive the old times together.

MONK (A tribute to the legend, OLD MONK) – A Short Film

A bunch of enthusiastic filmmakers and monk drinkers, have made a film on the theme of Friendship and Old Monk. The film acknowledges the spirit of Old Monk and how it has weaved many long-lasting friendships. From breakups, annoying relatives to irritating acquaintances, Old Monk has saved everyone so many times. The film stars ace actors Sanjay Mishra and Jeetu Shastri and is 11 minutes long.

ScoopWhoop: Old Monk Is The Best

This tribute to Old Monk by ScoopWhoop focuses on what happiness is and how it can be attained. The video showcases various instances when Old monk has come to the rescue and has become a key to happiness. The narration of the video is in the form of a poetry which highlights the role of Old Monk in all the ups and downs of our life.

The Unglis: A Bollywood Tribute To Old Monk!

The Unglis have innovated with the Old Monk tribute by mashing it up with Bollywood songs. They have picturized the video in the form of a mashup of various famous Bollywood songs which has lyrics related to Old Monk. The lyrics are quirky and worth a listen.

Indiatimes – The Teetotaller Behind Old Monk | The Story Of Kapil Mohan & Old Monk

If you want to know the full story of Kapil Mohan and Old Monk, then do watch this video. The video is simple and showcases how Old Monk gained popularity over the years.

MensXP: Top 8 Old Monk Cocktails | How To Make Rum Cocktails

Are you planning a house party as a tribute to the founder of Old Monk? Here’s a video by MensXP which teaches you how to make eight Old Monk Cocktails. Try them out and you are sure to impress everyone.

3 Easy Ways To Fancy It Up With Old Monk

Who says you need fancy ingredients to take your trusty Old Monk to the next level? Watch this video to see how you can skip the classic Rum ‘n’ Coke drink for something a little fancier, but not expensive. Try out these three ways and make your parties even more interesting.

Buzzfeed: Americans Try Old Monk For The First Time

Buzzfeed has a series of videos where they make Americans try out new things from different cultures which they have never tried. In this video, they try Asian liquor. The first liquor showcased in the video is Old Monk Rum. The Americans try it and react in a peculiar way where they say that it is a bit stronger than expected and is like eating Indian food but in liquor form. Overall, the reactions were positive and they liked Old Monk.

Gobble | Old Monk Soaked Gulaab Jamun

Gobble makes short videos of yummy recipes. This video shows how to make gulaab jamuns and how to have it with Old Monk Rum. Old Monk soaked Gulaab Jamuns is something which you’d like to try next time you party. Get drunk on dessert!

Buzzfeed India: Flaming Old Monk Pizza

In this video, Buzzfeed India shows how Old Monk can be had with your favorite food item Pizza. It shows the restaurant ‘Pizza By The Bay’ based in Mumbai which makes Flambe Pizza with Alcohol. A shot of Old Monk is poured into the pizza and they flambe it right in front of you and later when you have it, you can actually taste the rum in the pizza. This is by far the yummiest video of Old Monk Rum on YouTube.




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