YouTube10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use YouTube Remarketing

Brandon Stapper3 years ago

Video marketing has been growing in popularity to both marketers and buyers. It can no longer be ignored. Unfortunately, most small businesses are not familiar with how YouTube, the largest video platform on the internet, works. However, one can always learn.

Here are ten reasons that will get you more interested in using YouTube for remarketing your business.

  • Video Marketing is Growing

Video as a form of marketing is growing in comparison with written content. More people are more interested in videos than they are in written pieces. As such, prudence only calls for you to get into the trend and take advantage of it while it is still early.

  • Google has a Soft Spot for Videos

Do you know that Google owns YouTube? Google also has a soft spot for YouTube – it tends to rank videos higher than it does other content. As such, videos are guaranteed to drive your SEO rates up, and embedding YouTube videos on your website is the way to go.

  • Videos are Engaging

Most people prefer watching videos over bothering with blogs and articles – besides, videos are more interesting to watch. As such, videos on YouTube are guaranteed to fetch you a larger audience and increase your conversion rates.

  • Videos Expand Marketing Capabilities

There is only so much you can put across in written content and podcasts. With videos, however, you can use not only words but also signs and body language to put your message across. You can communicate with your audience better than you could use other mediums of marketing. You can also expand your creativity and impression on your audience.

  • YouTube has Incredible Targeting Capabilities

As mentioned earlier, YouTube is an entity of Google, by far the largest search engine on the internet. It enjoys Google’s advanced analytics tools. Interestingly, it has incredible targeting capabilities. It can target your audience on diverse factors, including age, demographics, and location, among others.

For marketers, this means that your investments go to good use as reliability and efficacy are guaranteed. You can reach exactly who you want and increase your chances of getting higher conversion rates.  

  • You have Multiple Ad Options to Choose From

YouTube has a sophisticated marketing business that is composed of several packages. Options include marketing your videos in between other videos, showing your videos based on keywords, and sponsoring direct ads, among others. This further goes to increase your reach depending on how well you know your audience.

It is also worth mentioning that YouTube is cost-effective as you only pay for video adverts that are watched up to a certain time mark.

  • Billions of People Use YouTube Every Day

YouTube has an inventory of billions of videos of varying nature and genres – essentially, there is something for everyone on the platform. Unsurprisingly, billions of YouTube users visit the platform every day. This means that your YouTube ad has billions of chances to be watched. Considering that only a fraction of YouTube users who get to see your ad are interested, you are still guaranteed thousands and even millions of leads.

  • Videos Nurture Trust

Forgive the cliché but marketers are everywhere, and people are tired of them. The internet is full of articles and blogs all geared towards getting readers to buy something. However, few people trust them as they are just words.

This is not the case with YouTube videos. People tend to trust videos more as they can see someone on the other end and relate to him/her. Considering that trust is an important factor in today’s hyper-competitive business world, YouTube and video marketing are game-changers.

  • Videos Show Good Conversion Rates

Going by some of the reasons on this list, it is already clear that videos boost conversion rates significantly. It also helps to know that research also supports this conclusion. Data shows that marketing videos on YouTube have up to 80% conversion rate – what’s more, these rates are rising with the growing popularity of videos.

  • YouTube Promises Good ROI

Now that you know that YouTube has good conversion rates and cost-effective marketing packages, you can be confident that you will get good returns on your investment. At Nonstop Signs, we have increased our website traffic by 30% using Youtube.  You may attract hundreds and even thousands of new customers who will boost your sales significantly.

Bottom Line

YouTube is not all about entertainment – it hosts vast opportunities for marketers and businesses. Considering all the reasons on this list – and more that have not been mentioned – your business cannot afford to ignore YouTube and video marketing.

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Brandon Stapper

Brandon Stapper is the Chief Executive Officer of Nonstop Signs & Graphics, a Los Angeles Printing Company. At 20 years old, with no formal education and only a few hundred dollars, Stapper turned a $400 custom decal machine in a garage into a printing powerhouse. Nonstop Signs & Graphics has made the Forbes Fastest Growing Companies Award 4 years in a row and services 10,000 clients yearly.

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