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Linda Wester4 years ago

The video sharing platform, YouTube has emerged not just as an avenue for entertainment but also as an effective channel for marketing.  With over one billion users across 88 countries viewing and uploading material in 76 languages, it is not just limited to amateur individuals posting for fun but corporate organizations are also investing in having a significant presence on the platform. Everyone is looking for a successful viral video campaign but few know it takes careful forethought and analysis before shooting and making it live. Let’s take a look at some points that need to be kept in mind in order to achieve this aim.

1. Keyword Research

No matter how incredible this may sound but YouTube is a search engine and it is important to choose the right words in order to be discovered rapidly on it. Studying the words or phrases used for searching material related to one’s industry will help in getting an idea about the potential of keywords and putting them in all the written matter accompanying the clip. Never use an auto-generated file name and instead apply the chosen terms to create a name shorter than the title but similarly describing the clip. There are various tools available for identifying best keywords and a suitable one can be employed to do the job as optimization for search is necessary for a productive venture.

2. Apt Title

The name needs to be descriptive but brief with the target keywords inserted as it will help in getting a good Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP) rating. The character limit is 100 which gets abbreviated to 60 on a results page and therefore it is essential to keep the length short to save it from being truncated when listed. The title is the first thing that catches the eye and therefore it should give an exact idea about what to expect on clicking the link.

3. Optimized Video Description

5,000 characters are what one gets for explaining the details of the content but only the initial few lines appear in the SERP result and just the first three are visible below the video, to a person who has not yet clicked the “show more” button. Focus keyword insertion is essential in these starting lines along with any URL of the page that the owner wants people to visit, ensuring to put the HTTP protocol so that the link is clickable while the remaining part can be filled with all the additional information about the file and the channel.

4. Importance of Tags

A tag word can be up to 30 characters in length and the total count should not exceed 500. Besides the focus keyword, any variations of it which are termed as Latent Semantic Index (LSI) keywords or other terms related to the footage along with brand and channel related tags can be placed here which help in the clip appearing in the “related videos” section whenever an entry from the same category is chosen by a viewer.

5. Subtitles and Closed Captions

Adding text for the spoken part called captioning is extremely beneficial for people with speech or hearing impairment while subtitles in English or any other language can make the campaign accessible to a viewership interested in the category but conversant in a tongue different to that of the target audience. This helps in widening the user base of a channel and getting more views apart from the text part being harnessed for its SEO capabilities.

6. Analytics

One has to make ample use of all the data that can be mined using tools like Google Analytics, related to the metrics like user age and location demographics and the device used. This helps in tailoring the campaign according to the preferences of the clientele while gauging whether the employed tactics are bearing fruit or not. Resources like this first helped notice that more and more people were using their smartphones for accessing YouTube and now almost all the content being presented on it is mobile phone compatible.

7. Quality Content

All the hard work will come to naught if the visual composition does not have compelling substance and hence an owner must intend to create a unique, well thought out and skilfully executed project that engages a viewer.

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Watching the work of the competitors and top players of the field give an idea about the strategy behind the presentation and a notion regarding the likes and taste of the targeted viewership. Most of the successful viral video campaigns evolved organically as a result of an individual or a group’s creativity, so assigning professionals to do the job will be a wise choice.

8. Good Production Value

The ever-improving quality of not only the substance but also the production has resulted in the audience being spoiled for choices and most people simply skip watching a poorly presented or shot presentation. The costs involved may seem high but soliciting professional help will be beneficial in achieving high returns or else if one has the required skills, a camera or a smartphone with relevant features suitable for the purpose can be obtained at not very high investments.

9. Length of the Video

The most important aspect of the approach towards popularizing a venture is to sustain and further enhance viewer engagement and the duration of the subject matter is vital for this as people generally watch short projects rather than long ones. This does not imply though that brevity is mandatory and when pertinent like in the case of tutorials or how to videos, long footage can be put up. A short overview of such films can be made and uploaded with a link to the detailed version at the end thus keeping those with short attention span also interested.

10. Social Media

Everyone has a presence on social networks and the channel can be publicized by sharing its stuff and relevant links there. The inclination to share an interesting material along with the simplicity of the process on such avenues can be very helpful in the speedy circulation of the clip.  Additionally, advertisements can be placed on these portals promoting the channel and its offerings.


Any creative person with the ability to think out of the box can fashion a successful viral video campaign with the assistance of above-mentioned points while employing an innovative and adaptive approach as the dynamics change regularly and at an alarming speed.

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