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Shruti Sen2 years ago

Today the demand of video has majorly risen up. It’s 2018 and video content is still here to take over the entire digital landscape. No wonder last year, there was a whopping 74% of all the internet traffic taken up by video content. For any content strategy to be successful it is important to integrate video marketing.

In this blog, we will list out the 10 video marketing trends that will continue to catch on in 2018 and set you apart from your competition.

Live Streaming:

Live streaming started off as a mere curiosity to connect with a community of people and now it has become an exciting marketing trend that everyone is experimenting with. Your followers want connection, feedback and gratification – live streaming provides just that. Some of the ways that live streaming can be utilized is by going behind-the-scenes, host a Q&A, do product launches or just let the audience control the content of the stream. Live streaming keeps the viewers drawn to the screen 3 times longer than regular videos and also gives a heightened engagement with 10 times more comments.

Continued Growth of ‘Stories’:

Since the introduction of ‘Stories’ on Instagram, there has been a battle of audience attention between the two platforms – Instagram & Snapchat. Soon after the introduction of Instagram Stories, Facebook and WhatsApp also came up with the same feature. Today Instagram Stories has around 250 million daily active users which has surpassed the Snapchat’s 173 million. Taking this trend forward, YouTube has come up with a similar feature called YouTube Reels for limited creators currently which takes a different spin on the concept of Stories which will not disappear in 24 hours. Looking at all these platforms and their emphasis on Stories, it is clear that it’s usage is bound to grow this year as well.

Cost Reduction With Online Video Making:

It is often considered that video making is possible only for big companies with massive production support. Today resource is not an issue anymore with numerous online video making sites and softwares that provide access to a large variety of stock images, videos and visuals that can be used for video creation. These sites/softwares are user friendly and anyone even with limited knowledge can use it to create innovative video content.

Video Optimization For Mobile:

Whenever you are creating video content for a social platform like Facebook, it is necessary to keep in mind it’s optimization for mobile consumption as a major chunk of the traffic comes from mobile nowadays. Facebook recently updated it’s creative guidelines by recommending 1:1 or square videos to be natively published on the platform. This was a huge hit an many creator started posting square videos for optimal viewing on mobile. According to Buffer, square videos take up 78% of the space in your Facebook Newsfeed which gives your content a better chance to be noticed. This is the new norm and you should jump on the bandwagon right away and take benefits from it.

YouTube vs Facebook Watch:

Facebook is joining the game of video business with it’s new feature called Facebook Watch. It promises to introduce you to new shows that with the help of community suggestions adapts the content as per your interests. With Facebook Watch, it will share 55% of the ad revenue with the creators. Facebook still has a chance even though it seems difficult to overthrow YouTube from the throne.

Transcribe Video Content:

To being with, video transcriptions play a huge advantage in strengthening the SEO of the video content. Search engines rank videos with full transcript higher than those which don’t have it. Therefore, it is best to keep your videos fully optimized for any keyword searches that are happening by keeping a full transcript on it. Additionally, it is important to note that about 85% of the uploaded videos are watched without sound. So in order to adapt to the current audience behavior, you might want to include video transcripts for better consumption of your videos.

Video Advertising In Short Format:

While there is a major growth for the love of video by consumers, bad ads are absolutely avoided. There is a necessity of micro-video production as on a daily basis 44% of the internet user base consumes short format content. Snack-able content is the way to go for advertising your product or service. With the new YouTube bumper ads, it’s clear that 6 seconds works just fine to grab the low attention span of today’s audience. Your content now just needs to be tempting and to the point leaving you wanting for more.

Augmented Reality & 360 Degree Videos:

Interactive consumer experience with the help of immersive technology is the new norm in the video marketing space. Augmented Reality and 360 Degree Videos are on the rise yet again this year. Looking at Augmented Reality, there are numerous ways in which you can implement this for your brand from interactive print to live activation. Whereas 360 Degree videos give a 46% higher click-through-rate as compared to standard videos despite low view-through-rate. Every company may not be able to jump right into these technologies but considering the kind of engagement this will receive, it’s worth an investment.  

Personalized Video Strategy:

The general marketing strategy provides videos that are one-size-fits-all which works various platforms. But what that lacks is a personalized target audience for it. A personalized video marketing strategy can increase engagement, build a connection to your audience, and finally help drive sales. Various brands have started innovating along the same lines where their advertisement campaigns are far from generic and caters to a particular target audience with personalized communication. Their conversion rates are much higher than the standard ad campaigns.

Continued Hype Of Explainer Videos:

If you have a product, it’s also necessary to have an explainer video for it so that it’s gives your target audience a complete rundown of the functionality of the product. In the span of few minutes, an explainer video unravels the features, functionality and usage of the product. Explainer videos are highly effective as they are concise and addressing a particular problem with a clear solution attached to it. It gives the audience a memorable video watching experience as there is a lot of creativity involved in it.

In order to summarize, 2018 will be the year of skyrocketing video numbers just like the few years in the past. It’s time to integrate these new video marketing trends and provide worthwhile video content to your audience which eventually drives a higher rate of online engagement


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