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Here are the Top 12 Christmas videos you need to watch as this holiday season as you have ample of time to surf YouTube.
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Christmas departed yesterday as its one of the most awaited festivals around the world with people going ho ho ho over Christmas trees, family gatherings, shopping, carols and most of all, the Christmas gifts. But, do you know that according to Christian tradition, Christmas season actually starts on Christmas Day itself.

As December 25th marks the official start of the 12 days of Christmas, we give you top 12 videos you need to watch this holiday season as you have ample of time to YouTube. Get the Christmassy vibes from these videos as it’s the best thing one needs in this winter holiday.

1.Christmas Songs In Real Life!

From the Advent of Christmas, till Three Kings’ Day, singing Christmas songs is a long living tradition. In fact, the history of Christmas carols is somewhat murky if we try to point out the perfect lyrics and origins. Nigahiga shows us if Christmas songs were made today and what they would look like in real life.

2.Giving Kids Bad Christmas Presents PRANK!

The most awaited holiday for kids is Christmas. It’s the day when they receive gifts from their friends and families. A little like Jimmy Kimmel, Rachel Levin gives kids some bad Christmas presents as a prank. Although they had their original Christmas gifts later, one need to watch their reaction upon receiving gifts like a light bulb as a gift.

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3.Christmas: Then vs. Now | Bethany Mota

We all have that moment of our last year’s Christmas that we cherish the most. Bethany Mota encapsulates this holiday and compares how everything has changed now.


If you love football and FIFA, then you need to check Simon Minter’s challenges. Supporting the challenge is ChrisMD and Tobi who shoots Christmas bells which they hanged on the goal post.

5. 5 Ridiculous Christmas Crimes:

No, we are not talking about “HOME ALONE” movie when we talk Christmas and Crime in the same sentence. Do you know that a couple got arrested when they tried to steel $2000 worth of Christmas decoration from their neighbor’s yard? Check this video and snow your mind away..


The king of YouTube plays Christmas Shopper Simulator 2: Black Friday to start of his Christmas theme let’s play video.

7. Christmas Eve Special with Joe | Zoella

YouTube celeb, Zoella started her 24 day gift series where she opened a new gift every day until Christmas starts. This video shows her last gift featuring Zoe’s own brother Joe Sugg.


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8. Drunk Christmas Pinterests

JennaMarbles decided to spend this Christmas getting drunk and crafting Christmas bells, cards and candies. Check this video of insanely popular vlogger with more than 15 million subscribers.

9. People Try Making Pinterest Christmas Crafts

BuzzFeedVideo trade Christmas s crafts with couples and they fail terribly. Thinking of decorating Mason jars? Better check this video first.

10. Drunk People Decorate A Christmas Tree

Just like Jenna, but with other YouTube celebrities, BuzzFeedBlue makes drunken people decorate Christmases tries in just 20 minutes. We can say that the people at Buzzfeed sure do spend a lot of their time drunk, but the results are just worth watching.

11. Elders React to Christmas Commercials

The John Lewis Christmas advertisement was well received in the community for their touching moral message on taking care of elders in our respective families. But Fine Brothers Entertainment showed this TVC to elders in real life and their reactions are worth watching.

12. CHRISTMAS Viral Video SPECIAL (2015)

Ray William johnsons Equals Three takes on the viral videos on YouTube this Christmas as Carlos Santos digs what is going wrong with the Santa’s life in these funny real life accidents.

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