Branded ContentBest 3 ways to practice for branding your YouTube Channel

Branding on YouTube is slightly different from other mediums and has its own perks i.e. this medium does not demand any exorbitant fees in terms of promotion and advertising the brand. Conversely, since it’s a visual medium, the thrust is more on visual communication.


Easily, Branding on YouTube could be understood as a way to drive engagement, & recall value which a subscriber retains even s/he is offline.

For example, if I ask you to name me a soft drink cueing the colour Red & white, most  probably you’ll end up saying Coke…right?coke

Basically branding is anything & everything which you do with your videos to imprint your stamp of exclusivity, gain traction and add recall value to your videos!

Well, as they say, when in Rome do as the Romans do, similarly when in YouTube make best of what YouTube has to offer. (yeah sounds same)

Here’s three must haves which you should definitely inculcate in your videos to soar high on the freebies offered by YouTube for branding.


1. Channel’s Video trailer:

Remember a channel’s video trailer is viewed by your potential subscribers and fans ( as once subscribed, the video ceases to play). This trump card allows you to play your card creatively and boomerangs with new & significant subscribers base. Yes, sometimes the videos are so innovative and have that ‘fun element’ which attracts you towards it unwittingly, even though you are not much into the content endorsed. It’s the sheer idea or the production value harvested throughout, which makes the video trailer interesting. Now points to keep in mind while designing it

  • Keep the time frame in mind which should not be more than a minute. The first 15 seconds are truly crucial to captivate the viewers. Ideally, your video should end around 35 seconds.
  • Answer your maximum W’s  i.e. what, who & when.  Brief them about what do you do in the video/s, who you are and when do you usually upload etc.
  • Remember to ask the audience to subscribe (yes, be that needy when it comes to endorsing)
  • For text annotations involved at the end of the video trailer, leave some space in the time frame of your video so that there’s enough time left for the annotation on screen to be noticed and clicked or put it up on the screen strategically throughout the length of the video played.
  • A touch of humour or behind the scenes candid sketches are all certain troupes which work differently for different genres like comedy, entertainment and politics respectively.

Untitled design (1)

2. Channel Description: 

Your brand’s identity should also reflect in the literature in the About feature of your channel. Here are certain pointers to keep in mind while drafting the About’s section.

  • Spray your keywords in the literature as well
  • Try to give your core message in the first three lines of the literature
  • Use link shorteners like bitly
  • Always remember KISS (Keep it simple, silly). Be simple and precise. Remember not to use those fancy big words for it’s not a medium to showcase your Webster’s appetite..(unless the content is so designed)


3. Visual Art:

Let’s talk about the Channel Art i.e. design and Layout. That’s of utmost importance if you are doing a How-to –series, DIY and or if you are a YouTube star. Now seriously, you don’t need a blog to tell you how to use a photoshop and its benefits in making a banner for your channel & incorporating the logo. Get creative people. Customised creative thumbnails could act as a hallmark for your channel.

YouTube Channel (1)Apart from this, it has been drummed enough that content is the ‘Queen bee’ when it comes to giving relevance to aspects while making any product i.e. it should have a proper mix of originality and creativity without being outrageous and offending to the senses. Imprinting your Watermark is also another cool tool to keep your content uniform throughout and hence create the aura of ‘your brand’. 3-second Identification animation/videos too help in the process of creating brands. Introduction promos & News promos also brick your brand and facilitates consumers with visual experience to reminiscence.


Vidooly, too offers valuable services to brand your videos through tag suggestions, the ideal word count in About feature, channel description etc. Remember to check us out and till then Happy Youtubing.

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