YouTube MarketingAnalyse your 360 Degree videos with YouTube Heat Maps

Akshay Chandra5 years ago

YouTube has launched an interesting new feature for people creating VR and 360 videos called 360 Heat Maps. This move is to help content creators figure out which parts of their 360-degree videos are working and parts viewers are ignoring.

We all know that YouTube has the largest stock of 360-degree videos on the web and it’s one of the easiest places to discover new content from various YouTube channel.

YouTube Heat Maps
YouTube 360 Heat Maps

Creating a 360-degree content on YouTube requires special cameras and equipment’s which usually costs around $350. This is the reason when selecting a camera, there are a few items to consider, like what you want to use the video for, and where you want to share it. In other words, the real value of this kind of content is to give the user a sense of what it’s like to use your product or service.

So when you set out to create your 360° videos, figure out what that experience looks like from your previous videos using YouTube 360 Degree heat maps.

People spent 75% of their time within the front 90 degrees of a video

Many leading YouTube creators have started creating 360-degree content for live events like Vidcon, public talks, and Coachella like festivals. This is the reason why creators can use heat maps insights and understand audience behavior so they can better comprehend best practices for producing a 360-degree video.

How to get YouTube 360-degree video heat maps?

  • Click –> Creator studios –> Analytics –> 360 Heatmaps

Any video that gets more than 1,000 views will now get its own ‘heat map’ in YouTube’s analytics system.


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