Tips & Tricks5 noteworthy ways to increase engagement on YouTube

More than 300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube and yet only a few manage to go viral. Even though their virality drops after some time, the engagement every watch delivers every time doesn’t.

Whether it’s social awareness, a business interaction, school project or a college presentation, today, videos on the internet have become a vital tool to send your message across. And there isn’t a single person who wouldn’t want his/her videos to go viral. However, the question we forget to ask ourselves is, “Are my videos engaging enough to be watched till the end and shared?”

Do you know that the attention span of a goldfish is more than humans? With a dicey average attention span of 8.25 seconds, you can imagine how a person would react to your video especially if it has nothing important or interesting to show. So let us get it straight: Are you struggling to get likes and shares on your videos?

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To pull you out of your misery, here we are sharing an infographic that highlights five noteworthy ways to engage your target audience more.

5 noteworthy ways to increase engagement on youtube

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We hope the infographic helps you take a step back and review all your videos from the eyes of a viewer and find out why yours are not working out for you. The tips shared, when used smartly, can fetch you great engagement and aid in building a loyal subscriber base.

And like the infographic said, your prime goal is not to get 100% viewer retention and neither is virality. Your main goal is to give your viewers the value or entertainment they are looking for and everything that justifies their watch time.

Do that, and you’ll never ever have to worry about getting shares or ranking higher in YouTube searches.

Good luck!

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