Tips & Tricks5 Simple Tips for Brands to Create a Kickass Explainer Video

Want to make your own explainer video? We'll take you through 5 simple steps for brands to create a kickass explainer video.
Akshay Chandra7 years ago

If you have seen Glassdoor videos or any other self-explanatory videos, you may have wondered how I make one of these. Truth is, creative explainer videos are effective and hard to ignore. You can explain a concept in 60 – 90 seconds and engage potential customers that you want to target.

Brands like Netflix, Heinz, Red bull, Breadcrumb, etc., have adopted this method focusing on the first interaction with the customer. In this digital age, brands get a fraction of seconds to impress the person visiting their website. Creating first impression is very important as many online websites suffer from the drop off rates caused by confusing websites and content focus.

Here are Five Essential Tips to Create an Explainer Video:

1. Plan the Video Content:

You need to decide which platform would suit your video the best. You can have your company YouTube page, or use Video hosting programs such as Vimeo Pro, Brightcove, Vidayard etc., in order to propagate on other digital platforms.

When we are talking about video marketing strategy, these are the lesser used types of video you can consider for your company to be different than the other fish in the vast sea of online video.

  • Teaser videos – Just like movie teasers, you can show off your product and be the Richard Branson of digital media.
  • Internal Update Videos – Days of sending boring newsletters to your employees are over. Videofy them!
  • Conference Recap Videos – Recapping long conferences using 60 Sec video can be refreshing
  • Recruitment Videos – If you want to generate effective candidates, you can show them an explainer video.
  • Training Videos – You can train your new employees using this method.
  • Onboarding Videos – Too many questions? Just answer in one video.

You need to use all your inbound marketing avenues to create a buzz before the video launch. Use emails, newsletters, backlinks, SEO, and most important of all use social media to interact with the right audience. Social platforms are a great way to integrate video and engage the audience.

2. Video Script:

You can hire Quentin Tarantino to write the script, but you have to make it attention grabbing. The script is the soul of the video. You have to imply what your brand is and what benefits you are showing in the video. There are many agencies that specialize in producing these videos such as,, explainers in and

Like any other agency, you need to be ready with your creative pitch. It is the most important step to take as this will give the creators an idea. Also, you have to answer many questionnaires prepared by your agency which clarifies some questions such as “How you want to project your brands, product”, “What are your target audience”, “Any call to action to be mentioned “  and “What’s the tone of the video”.

3. A Simple Concept Goes a Long Way:

These days, the focus of internet commuters has decreased to a significant level. You cannot grab ay attention unless you are showing a simple video. Understanding the video must be that simple that even children could understand what it wants to convey.

4. The Visuals are secondary:

It’s the content which matters the most, not just the visuals. There are plenty of effective professional videos which use simple visualization to express their point of view.

Most important thing is to showcase your story with the simplest form of illustration. Also, with the visuals on, you need to have a crisp sounding video. Hence, the need for professional voice is much needed.

5. Create a Gleeful Environment:

Showing colorful and happy environment is very essential in order to make a video. For example, Dumb Ways to Die – A commercial by the Australian Road Safety Association, shows the effective way of communicating with its target audience. They showcased all the accidents in one single video made for children.

You need to have the surprise factor in your video. The audience can’t tolerate same imagination in every video. Also, showcasing gleeful attitude in the video will make your audience recollect your brand in a very refreshing manner.

Globally, consumer internet video traffic will be 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019, up from 64 percent in 2014 (Cisco 2014-2019 forecast).  Hence, 2015, the year, is hailed as the most productive year for video marketing.  These explainer videos can save you time and money so that you can focus on your product rather than creating expensive campaigns.


Akshay Chandra

Being an artist, movie buff and a media enthusiast, content writing is my career train. I am a proud alumni of Symbiosis Institute of Media Communication (Pune) and currently working for Vidooly.

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