Tips & Tricks5 tips to engage with your YouTube audience [Creator Tips]

You're uploading a lot of content on your channel. Do you get more engagements on your videos? Here is the top five tips Vidooly to engage with your YouTube audience.

There’s no dearth of talent in this world, as any Tom, Dick and Harry these days, posts their individual creations on YouTube. What sets a certain Tom from Harry apart, is the sheer number of subscribers which when retained, act as a hallmark for a successful YouTube channel with engaging content. Duly note, that just a mere six digit number in subscribers tab is not a wholesome indicator of how good a channel is but it certainly helps in pulling the right mileage and pushing the content forward.

Here’s your Famous Five to help you engage with your subscribers.


Be regular with your content

Be it a Vlog, an original content, a mini -series, or a talent show, (wherein you sing or dance or show magic tricks, totally up to you) one factor which underlines all the aforementioned is continuity and consistency. After building a strong community, you wouldn’t want your subscribers to back out, would you? Be regular in updating and releasing your videos in the pre-set format of a regular interval, be it of a day, a week, a fortnight or a month. You can always use a small ritual while signing off from the video to retain some sort of uniformity throughout (get creative with it not wild.)

Learn to use your Audience Feedback

You should always listen to your subscribers. Be open and inviting about your videos.(ask them questions whether they liked your video or not) Constructive criticism can never be bad though most of the times, they are  not crimson in taste and the feedback could be mean but remember what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You can always spin back with a better content or retort playfully to them without reciprocating the ‘slur’. Remember more often than not, there could be a genuine suggestion which could work in your favour if you acknowledge the subscribers presence and engage with them.

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Partner with other YouTube Creators

Learn to bank upon the opportunity to partner with popular YouTubers as it gains you enough mileage and new subscribers. The traction generated will cause you a good name even within your present YouTube community.

Use Social Media to Interact with your audience

Optimise and strategise your social media marketing in sync with  content which is more likely to be better suited for a particular social media platform vis a vis some other. Get to know your referral headers who share your content the most. Be interactive and induce a certain amount of innovation to convert a non-subscriber into your follower. With the extracted feedback through social media, you could even re-arrange your videos on the playlist and place them, according to the virality. Adding your video trailer can further you up the scales when it comes to pumping visibility.

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Use creative Annotations

Use your creativity to design quirky though pleasant annotations which help you in sublime marketing by leaving an impression in the minds of fellow YouTubers. However, you cannot discount the room for some internal error while uploading your videos. Like by uploading a Vlog with a compromised quality, poor lighting conditions, wrong back links or faulty annotations can always cause your subscribers to unsubscribe. Be sure to properly optimise your videos by making them user-friendly. Be careful enough to avoid silly mistakes.

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Conclusively, having enumerated these pointers, some seem obvious enough to be considered and ‘already known’ to the content creators as most of the viral videos in the world did not ascribe to any and still soared high on the charts on the sheer ‘novel’ concept of the video. But nevertheless adopting these changes will also help you gain a significant popularity if not global fame.

Happy YouTubing!


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Subrat Kar

Subrat is the CEO and co-founder at Vidooly. A passionate Entrepreneur by heart, he oversees the product and marketing strategy at Vidooly.

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