ListsTop 5 Most Important Ways to Leverage Animated Videos in Your Paid Social Media Strategy

Looking for a breakout paid social media strategy

Animated videos are what your brand needs.  

Video marketing is the marketing tool of the future. For 2020 the video ad spending came to $9.95 billion in the US. This year, it’s expected to rise by 13% ($11.24 billion) and continue to grow to $12.66 billion by 2024.

If your brand is not yet producing animated videos, now is the time to start. 

Why Should You Use Video Marketing in Your Strategy?

Ever since it entered the mainstream in 2010, video marketing has been slowly gaining momentum. Once the big social media platforms like YouTube peaked in popularity, video content became a good tool to boost marketing efforts. 

Video has grown so much that it is now an essential part of a successful social media marketing strategy of any successful brand.

Here are two main reasons why. 

  1. Social media users prefer video content – 68% prefer it to written content
  2. Social media videos better retain viewers’ attention- 95% of viewers retain the video’s message, compared to 10% when reading a text. 

Video is effective. Animated videos, even more – they’re ideal for your website, email campaigns, social media, and even paid advertising.  

Animated videos for paid social campaigns have the potential to transform any marketing strategy, connect with your audience and maximize your ROIs. They are a must-have for any business.

How to Leverage Animated Videos in Your Paid Social Media Strategy 

As part of your paid social media strategy, animated videos have the potential to help you in many ways. 


  • Target new audiences engagingly and entertainingly;
  • Retarget warmer audiences who didn’t complete your call to action previously; 
  • Deliver your message, brand values and future plans in a memorable way; 
  • Help you stick to a budget – animated videos are less expensive to make than other types of videos;
  • Diversify social media content; 

So, it’s important to approach creating your animated videos with the attention needed so your campaigns are as impactful as they should be.

Here are 5 examples of how animated videos can be integrated into your paid social media strategy and help you boost awareness, engagement, and ultimately conversions.  

Present Your Brand to Viewers with Animated Video

Quick and easy-to-digest- that’s the type of content viewers stop and pay attention to. There’s no faster way to present who you are and what your brand stands for than using videos.

Animated videos make it even more appealing for users to stop and pay attention to your message. High-contrast and beautiful graphics are the user’s most preferred content to engage with. 

Opt for animated brand introductions and stories similar to The Story of GANT– an emotionally touching story of the origins of the brand dating back to 1907. 

The animation follows the story of founder Bernard Gantmacher with no voice-over added. The video is straightforward and carefully crafted- the vibrant and engaging visuals reminisce more of a short film rather than a marketing video.  

Animated videos work for introducing your brand to consumers, or reminding them how you started. They present the driving brand values and give an overview of what products or services can do for customers. 

Along with that, users get to see the benefits of purchasing from the company, which makes animation an all-encompassing messaging tool great for paid campaigns.

Explain How Your Product Works with Animated Video

90% of the information processed by the brain is visual, so it’s no wonder people prefer and remember animated videos better. Bright and lively characters explaining how things work are easy to stick in the viewers’ minds. 

In fact, 95% of B2B buyers said that they prefer shorter and highly visual content.

Animated videos are faster and easier to consume and they an engaging tool for showing audiences how something works. 

Illustrating how a product or service works is a better way to capture potential buyers’ interest. It’s a more persuasive way of demonstrating how easy it is to use the product and what benefits customers get from it.

Passaic Rubber Company demonstrates how a very specific niche can break down the benefits of its products to warm audiences. 

Their animated video introduces their new line of products, giving advice and explaining the advantages customers receive in a straight-to-the-point manner. 

Build Brand Awareness with Animated Video

If you’re looking to nurture new audiences – animation will work great. Animated videos are a valuable brand-building tool for paid social media advertising targeting users unfamiliar with your company because they are entertaining.

A campaign focusing on a particular character and story will excel among viewers you’re looking to establish awareness and trust with. Creating a vibrant animation that introduces your brand through humor and lovable characters is sure to make an impression. 

Look at Bulb’s funny brand video showing how two magical creatures discuss the benefits of green energy. The video is quirky, vibrant, simple, and the tone relaxed- demonstrating how switching your energy provider isn’t that stressful. 

Focus on Specific Products with Animated Video

When you plan your paid ads for social media to users that are far enough in the marketing funnel and close to purchasing, a good approach will be to focus on individual products and services. 

Create a single animated video that examines in detail the benefits of a particular product to entice warm audiences to take a final step and purchase your product. 

This tactic also works for upgrading existing users to higher-tier plans. 

Remember that for your paid social campaign you have to keep it short and sweet. Users do enjoy the animated video but attention is hard to maintain in overly saturated social feeds. 

Spotify always manages to deliver striking animated videos that are short, visually attractive and accompanied by complementing audio.

The launch of their Ad Studio is an example of how a simple animated video can instantly catch the attention and deliver the message in a benefit-driven way.

Create Educational Animated Videos to Boost Content Marketing Efforts

Paid social media advertising can help boost your overall marketing efforts. For example, you can use paid ads to educate and promote your content to viewers. This way you’ll double the impact of the ad- users will stop to take a look at your video and will be more likely to visit your website for additional information on the discussed topic. 

Take a look at New York’s Blood Center animated video educating viewers on the components of blood. 

Animated Videos in your social media strategy

With a simple visual representation of each concept and action, the video covers all the basics users should know about blood and its building blocks. The animation can fit ideally into the center’s paid social media strategy,  raising awareness for the center and educating potential followers.

To Wrap It Up

The saying goes – “A picture is worth a thousand words.” In an oversaturated web and social media space that can’t be more truthful. With only seconds to capture the audience’s attention, it’s extremely important to look for the most appealing ways to make viewers stop and engage with your brand message. 

Animated videos are a great tool to leverage in your paid social media strategy. They are exceptionally alluring and easily reach new audiences on different platforms. 

Your paid social media campaigns will only improve engagement and conversion with these 5 ways to integrate animated videos into your strategy. So go ahead and try them out. 

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