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Small businesses need not remain so. Corporate history bears witness to the fact that most large corporations of today- Amazon, Virgin, McDonald’s, KFC, eBay and Dell, among others, began from garages and went on to become billion dollar businesses. Admittedly, operating a small business has inherent drawbacks. Budgetary constraints do not permit much advertizing and marketing activities.  However, with some ingenuity, you can keep developing an excellent strategy for marketing your small business and effectively utilize social media.

Statistics Matter

Facebook is undisputed social media giant. Early 2017, the company announced it has some 2.14 billion users worldwide. Social networking and instant messaging app and website Twitter has some 330 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs). Pinterest records some 160 million MAUs while Instagram has about 800 million. YouTube has staggering 1.6 billion MAUs, according to data compiled mid-2017. According to Statista, the European statistics website, Tumblr recorded some 373 million blogs worldwide by October 2017 as compared to some 320 million in 2016.

What this means?

These figures clearly indicate social media is playing a great role in lives of people across the world. They can translate as growing dependence upon social media by businesses small and large to promote products and services.

Importantly, you need some small business ideas before venturing into the market. As small business owner, you too can benefit from this sweeping trend by deploying simple tools. We present six ideas to keep small business marketing and social media going.

Improve Content Quality

“Facebook Pages help people connect with your business. And Facebook ads help people discover your business,” states Facebook Business page. Millions of businesses around the world are benefitting from this facility provided by the world’s single largest social networking platform. Understandably, your business would also have presence on Facebook. However, mere presence is not enough by any standards.

Attracting Facebook users to your business page requires posting superior quality content. This means posting content that is very relevant to your customers and business associates. Your Facebook content has to be something that customers identify with.

The same holds true with your posts on Twitter and Pinterest.

You can also boost your company through LinkedIn. Generally, LinkedIn will open vistas for Business-To-Business relationships, vital for reaching out to distributors and suppliers.

Listen to Customers

Another important tool social provides is listening to customers. Obviously, happy clients as well as disgruntled customers will post their comments on your Facebook page. Comprehensive strategy on controlling damage caused by negative remarks of your products and services is vital.

Listening to customers and providing immediate redress of any grouse is vital to every small business that wishes to stay in business and flourish.

Additionally, social media also helps you inform about the latest developments, product and service launches as well as improvements and enhancements you implement.

Utilize Blogs

Include a blog on website of your company. Alternatively, you can create a blog on any free platforms available on the Internet. Generally, consumers are more likely to read a blog while opting for a product or service, as compared with conventional advertizing.

Blogs also allow you to invite customers or business associates to write reviews about your products and services while including comparison with those from competitors. Often, e-retail giants such as Amazon allow prospective buyers to compare similar products from various manufacturers, to help decision making.

Additionally, get your small business featured on any major blog that offers content on products and services you offer. A great way to do so is by offering discount coupons on website such as Groupon and have your offerings linked to their blogs. Your small business draws extra mileage from these major websites.

Advertize Jobs on Social Media

Small businesses also require staff. Should you have vacancies, post them on your Facebook Business page as well as advertize them on LinkedIn and Twitter. Searching employment is a rather stressful process that every jobseeker has to undergo, regardless whether fresher or experienced.

Advertizing any vacancies on social media has two inherent benefits. Registered users and followers will forward the link to their network of friends and acquaintances that are looking for work. Additionally, it keeps jobseekers- fresher and experienced- interested in your social media posts and tweets. This is a subtle form of extending the reach of your small business to a much larger audience. Eventually, this can translate into increased business and help expansion in newer areas.

Post industry Updates

Information is indeed power. As small business owner, you would be abreast with the latest developments in your particular industry. These developments include any policy decisions taken by Federal or state administrations and various other departments or trends in distant markets and foreign countries for similar products.

Advantages of posting these developments on your social media pages and blog are several. Firstly, it creates a great impression that your small business is operating in lines with existing trade practices. Secondly, these updates help your associates to acquire information they may have overlooked.

While providing these updates, provide web links of news articles, notices and other websites from which you have derived the information. Such reference links add authenticity to your posts.

Enhance Selling Techniques

Often, small businesses miss a lot of customers for a petty reason: Prospective clients are unaware where or how to buy the product or service. While Facebook Business page allows customers to place online orders, you also need to inform prospective buyers about other options to patronize products and services offered by your small business.

One of the best ways to reach a wider client base is registering as supplier with e-retail majors including Amazon and eBay, among others. Additionally, list stores and other outlets where your products are available. If you are providing services, give specific details about how and where people can avail these.

Explicitly mention the geographical area within which your product or service is available. Generally, customers are more likely to patronize your business if it is located within their vicinity. The proverbial ‘local touch’ works wonders for small businesses. Add these details on your social media posts.

Other ideas

Pinterest provides excellent avenues to promote your small business with pictures and videos. Take very attractive pictures of your products, testimonials from satisfied customers, your personal comments and post them on Pinterest.

Videos about using your product or service that also speak of their inherent benefits can be posted on YouTube. Remember, the more personalized your social media presence, higher the chances of attracting more business.

Get followers on your social media pages to invite their friends to ‘like’ your page. Admittedly, this is not something very easy. Yet, offer some incentives to registered followers on your Facebook Business pages as enticement. These incentives can be in the form of discounts or freebies.

In Conclusion

Social media and blogs are marketing tools of the future. Admittedly, websites and portals may evolve and fade over time. Despite, the concept of marketing through social media presence is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

If your small business is not present on social media, it is high time you got into the fray. And if you have a presence, it would serve very well to customize your content and reach out to a wider audience.

For starters, you can draw a comprehensive, social-media based marketing strategy for your small business. In long run, these ideas will keep your small business marketing and social media going towards profits.

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