Tips & Tricks6 Useful hacks to keep a track of your YouTube audience with Vidooly

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Isn’t it painful when you find out that a lot of people are unsubscribing from your YouTube channel? It’s even more painful when you don’t know who unsubscribed and you keep thinking ‘what went wrong?!READ MORE:



But we at Vidooly, have a solution to this question. Using our tool, you can not only understand the behavior of your subscribers and unsubscribers; you also get a chance to reach out to them on social media platforms!

Check out these 6 pointers to understand how exactly Vidooly can help you manage your YouTube audience better, Happy Reading !smiley

1. Have a keen look at your subscriber count

Vidooly dashboard gives you real-time accurate numbers related to your YouTube subscriber gain and loss. Get this data for any period and analyze why people are subscribing or unsubscribing your channel.

2. See whether you are getting more views from your subscribers or non-subscribers

You also get to know from where you get maximum views on your channel. Is it from your own subscribers or random people who like your content but are not subscribing.

Tip- Get the list of all your unsubscribed fans and engage with them through social network and make them your lifetime fans!

3. Do a sentiment analysis of your community, See what they talking about

Vidooly gives you all your comments on videos aggregated at one place. We let you do sentiment analysis and respond to them through our dashboard. Isn’t it great? smiley

4. Know what all your audience is watching on YouTube other than your videos

You will need this insight to understand what you audience actually likes. Is your content somewhat similar to that? If not this is the best opportunity to leverage this information and build a content that resonates with your audience interests.

5. Wondering why your channel’s subscriber count is falling?

Don’t worry if you start observing that your subscribers are leaving. Using the Vidooly dashboard we give you a chance to connect with them again and get them back!

Our Engaged Non-Subscribers feature gives you the list of all your fans that left you.  Well the icing on the cake is that we give you their social profiles as well. Is this not exciting? wink

6. People watching your videos but not subscribing you?

Hell Yeah! These are your potential fans. Get the list of all folks who are engaging with your videos , liking them but are not subscribing. This is a golden chance to get them subscribe your channel and make them your loyal fansyes

To see all these features in action, you can take a Free Trial of Vidooly: Click here

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