Lists7 YouTube Channels That Lost Their Subscribers

Here are the 7 YouTube Channels that lost their subscribers after some point of time.
Akshay Chandra4 years ago

Gone were the days when YouTube audience subscribes to a channel and maintain a long lasting following. These days audience wants new and different content every time they watch a YouTube channel. The Audience also tends to fluctuate depending on what kind of message they are propagating through their channel. Consider recent YouTube vlog disaster “Nicole Arbour”. After her video “Dear Fat People” got viral, she received thousands of negative response and the highest number of dislikes on her channel.

This brings us to realize to the question “what are the other famous YouTube channels that lost their fame after some point of time?”

We selected 7 famous YouTube celebrities and analyzed their channel performance using Vidooly’s competitor analyzer. Through this feature, you will be able to view the Competitor channel’s basic information such as the Joining date, No. of Subscribers, No. of Views and No. of Uploads.

1. Dave Days:

He is one of the early YouTubers to receive a celebrity status and the first YouTube personality to sign for the DigiTour. He is best known for his YouTube channel featuring pop-punk covers and parodies of Miley Cyrus songs.

But at present, Dave’s YouTube channel cannot find success like he had before. For example, his recent uploads like Dave Days “Sinking In Love” and DOES SHE LIKE ME?! (Relationship Advice with DD), received mere 30 thousand views. Comparing to his celebrated viral videos, Dave Days channel is going to a downfall.

Upon further inspection, we found that Dave Days is losing his subscribers in thousands.


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2. RayWilliamJohnson:

His channel has generated more than 1 billion views by now and more than 5 million subscribers. Ray is known for his vlogs, webisodes and commentaries on different subjects. But for past few months, his channel received many unsubscribers. This can be due to replacing himself with a different cast, or his outspoken attitude towards Maker Studios.

Below is the subscriber chart where you can observe that his subscriber base is slowly decreasing with no new subscriptions.


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3. MinnesotaBurns:

MinnesotaBurns’ anger caused the downfall of his channel. In the video “MinnesotaBurns Threatens to Assault a Child”, you can see how YouTube audience hated his conversation and the tone of the video. MinnesotaBurns is YouTube channel which focuses on let’s play commentaries on underage kids playing online age restricted games like call of duty etc.

He has changed his channels name now as MinnesotaPranks where now he uploads adult prank videos. If we look at past subscriber history of this channel, you can understand why we mentioned in this list.


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4. Fred:

Fred is a fictional character created and portrayed by American actor Lucas Cruikshank. His videos are narrated using high pitch voices sounding like a chipmunk. This channel is the first YouTube channel to reach 1 million subscribers. After the departure of Lucas Cruikshank, FRED as a channel started uploading different content which was not proportionate to his earlier videos. This is the reason why there are hardly 10 thousand views for recently uploaded videos for a channel that support more than 2 million subscribers.


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5. xJawz:

He is a YouTube commentator who does commentaries on the X-box to improve in games such as cod Black ops and MW3. xJawz is famous for showing his rags to riches story and sulking right into it. He even made a video apologizing to his fans but then after about 2 hours deleted it. According to our analytics, his daily view growth is decreasing by -5313 thousand.


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6. LetsTaddl:

LetsTaddl was created which was originally intended merely as a second channel for Taddl. Here he invites called Let’s Plays high, where he commented on a video game recordings. Although this channel got more than one million subscribers there are hardly any videos uploaded recently. They say that Taddl is focusing on his music career, but the channels growth speaks something else.


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7. Bashurverse:

Brandon Ashur is an American who makes Minecraft videos daily as his YouTube personality “Bashurverse”. He is well known for his eccentric voice and his scripted Minecraft series “The Legend Of Hobo” which have gained him thousands of subscribers. But due to his persona and past crimes, he received enough criticisms to hamper his YouTube channel.

If you look at the graph below, you can see the downfall of his subscribers.


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Comment below and let us know if you came across any other YouTube celebrity which you think is losing its fame.

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