8 Important Facebook Video Metrics Every Marketer Should Know

Shruti Sen4 years ago

Recently a lot of Facebook pages have noticed that there is a gradual decline in the organic reach of posts that are being made. But despite that, Facebook video is still on the rise and is stronger than ever. Every marketer has now incorporated Facebook video as an essential part of their social media marketing strategy. It has been reported by experts that more than 100 million hours of video content is streamed by Facebook users on a daily basis.

Every social media platform today is well equipped with their own metrics for marketers to be able to measure and optimize their social media campaigns. Similarly for Facebook, you need to track and keep in mind these eight important Facebook video metrics in order to benchmark your campaigns.

Reach (Total Views)

Reach of a video post (be it a native video upload or live video), is one of the most basic Facebook video metric that marketers track. It represents the total views on that video which is basically the number of people who saw the post. This reach is further subdivided into two categories that is organic and paid. It is important to note that reach includes all the number of people who viewed your video even if it is as low as three seconds.

Audience Retention

It is very important to dig down and know how interested your Facebook audience really is with the type of video content you post. Apart from just knowing the Total Views and 10-second Views, it is essential for marketers to also track the Audience Retention metrics that Facebook shows. This Facebook video metric shows you the percentage of your video watched during any given session. This also helps you know exactly where the audience is lost and gained via the visual graph. Audience Retention metrics are critical towards where the video will appear on the newsfeed because the Facebook algorithm will prioritize videos with higher watch time. Once it is known by the marketer that how much of a video your audience watches, it will be easier for them to place the call to action in the stream.  

Page Growth

Alongside tracking the various Facebook video metrics, it is also important to track the growth of your fan following. This is a clear indicator of the fact whether your current video content strategy is engaging or not. If a page is consistently creating entertaining video content, it is more likely that the audience will “like” their page. So in order to track how your video posts have impacted the fan following, take a look at the insights tab of your page wherein you can see the growth of page “likes” in the same duration when you have made the video posts. Since video content is preferred in the Facebook newsfeed, marketers should make the most use of this and reach out to new audiences across the globe.


Engagement is one of the most important Facebook video metrics used by marketers to benchmark their video campaigns. For a live video on Facebook, there are two kinds of engagement metrics provided by Facebook i.e. Post Engagement and Video Engagement. Under Post Engagement, it simply shows you the number of reactions, comments and shares the live video has garnered so far on the original post and shared post. While under Video Engagement, it shows you a complete curve graph of  the magnitude of reactions, comments and shared garnered throughout the live stream (during and post broadcast). This metric helps to identify the peak time during the live stream when there was maximum engagement. Whereas for a native video upload, only the Post Engagement metric is available which shows the total number of reactions, comments and shared garnered.


Today it is becoming increasingly important to track what kind of emotion your marketing campaign evokes amongst the audience. Therefore, emotional marketing is the new way to reach your audience on a much deeper level and build strong relationships. With the help of Facebook Reactions, it is now possible for brands to gauge the emotional impact of their content. Either during a live video stream or on native video post, people can react with emotions such as Haha, Love, Wow, Angry or Sad emoticons. Knowing the number of reactions received in all these categories gives the marketer a brief idea on whether the video content has made the right impact on the audience or not.

Click-To-Play vs Auto-Play

Today’s marketers know that mobile penetration via social media is very crucial and is always on the rise. Facebook has over a billion active users on mobile and some reports show that Facebook’s mobile penetration surpasses that of desktop. With that in mind, this Facebook video metric that allows you to show the percentage of viewers who clicked to play your video vs the ones who just let it autoplay is imperative to understand the audience behaviour towards your content. This metric is available under the Audience Retention tab of video metrics.

Social Shares

In today’s time of social media frenzy it is very important to identify a follower is willing to advocate your brand rather than just be a viewer. The social shares metric helps the marketer to measure audience loyalty. That is why this metric is slightly more important that the engagement metric. According to Facebook, around 48% of all video watch time comes from sharing. Just recently, Facebook has added a additional tab which showcases highlighted shares that is shares made by other pages. This not only helps you to identify the major pages sharing your content but also helps measure the amount of views, engagement and watch times that is garnered via those specific shared posts.

Top Location & Top Audience

While creating a Facebook video campaign, it is essential to know your target audience and create a persona of the audience that you want to reach out to. The Top Location & Top Audience metric is available on both live videos and native videos. For a live video it gives a complete breakdown of the age brackets viewing that particular video content including the gender break up along with the complete list of locations where the video is being viewed. Thus, with these metrics in hand, you can further optimise your future video content tailored to this kind of audience.

So now that you know the most important Facebook video metrics, go ahead and start tracking these on your page and optimize your future video posts.


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