9 Brands Ruling The Facebook Video Marketing World In 2018

Shruti Sen4 years ago

Lately there have been a lot of questions about Facebook. Marketers are wondering if people still use the platform and and if businesses can still find it to be valuable. Considering that the platform have over one billion active users, it is safe to say that Facebook is very much alive and kicking. Facebook has always emerged to be a game changer and major player in the world of social media today.

As the platform doesn’t restrict it’s users to a character limit and or to only pictures, Facebook is one such place where you can post whatever you feel like. This has helped the platform to stand out, apart from the other social media platforms that keep getting introduced in the world of social media.

There are millions of brands on Facebook trying all sorts of strategies to up their social media game. Now the question is how to stand out in these plethora of brands? Well, we have a list of top 9 brands on Facebook (based on the maximum number of video views as well as Likes) that are ruling the video marketing world in 2018. Take cues from their strategies and apply it to your brand to take it to new heights.

Red Bull

Red Bull is the world’s leading energy drink brand. Just like the product itself, their campaigns are also full of energy and unique. Looking at their Facebook presence, one thing is clear that they rely heavily on video content for audience engagement across the platform. They upload video content on a frequent basis and considering the huge fanbase of 49 million people on the page, the videos are able to rack up huge amounts of views. The videos generally revolve around different kinds of sports from biking to water sports to adventure sports which highlights the adrenaline rush and keep it aligned to the brand voice. The video are properly optimised for viewing as they are all in 1:1 aspect ratio. Sometimes they do upload 360 degree videos as well. Their Facebook cover is also a video which shows Red Bull’s seriousness about showcasing itself as a video first brand on Facebook.


Flipkart is India’s leading e-commerce marketplace which offers over 30 million products across 70+ categories. The brand has around 8.3 million Likes on Facebook. In order to maintain this huge fanbase, Flipkart has always come up with quirky marketing campaigns which has led to a great repository of video content. Looking at their videos tab on the Facebook page, you will find videos assorted into various playlists which denote different campaigns. One video from the latest campaign is also put as a featured video in order to attract maximum eyeballs. The videos are creative, short and to the point. Every campaign that is rolled out by Flipkart consists of a series of short videos instead of one ultimate video. This strategy helps to spread out the campaign and target different kinds of audience. Their overall  Facebook presence is not just image heavy but showcases ample video content as well in order to keep up with the changing times.

Samsung Mobile

Samsung is the world’s leading smartphone, tablet and other digital devices company. Their presence on Facebook is across multiple pages but the page ‘Samsung Mobile’ is the one-stop destination to find news and stories related to Samsung products. This page boasts a huge fanbase of 43 million people. The engagement strategy on this page relies heavily on video content. Samsung Mobile’s videos are very visually appealing and it mainly focuses on the product and its various features. Most videos are kept below the 30 second mark considering the shrinking attention span on today’s audience. Even in that short amount of time, Samsung Mobile is able to convey the message in a very creative manner. They have been consistent in posting video content and continue to experiment with that.


LEGO is a line of plastic construction toys that are popular among kids worldwide. Their Facebook page has around 12.8 million Likes. In order to promote their products, LEGO very uniquely integrates the upcoming superhero/sci-fi movies into their products and creates video content out of it. Most of their videos showcase LEGOs of various characters picked up from these movies. Some videos also have kids and parents being featured playing with the LEGO products. Alongside consistent video uploads, the brand also keeps in mind the tentpole events and creates engaging content around that. Their videos are not only popular among kids but also among grown ups who are well versed with pop culture.

Coca Cola

Coca Cola is not only world’s leading beverage brand but also has the best marketing campaigns across different markets. Coca Cola has always lived up to its expectations to offer something creative and unique with their advertisement campaigns. Their Facebook presence is scattered across defined pages for each market. Here we look into the global page which boasts around 107 million Likes. With such humongous fan base, the brand is bound to come up with some innovative campaigns to engage their audience. Their video content is always revolving around the brand and it’s tagline ‘open happiness’. The videos are of varying lengths and tentpole events are kept note of for creating video content around that. Each video revolves around the common brand voice and imparts the message in a creative manner.


Starbucks is world’s leading coffee chain which has avery human approach to its business. Just like any other neighbourhood Starbucks, their Facebook page is also the ultimate space to share stories converse over coffee. The page has a huge fan base of 37 million people. Their go to strategy on the Facebook page is to create posts which directly drive engagement and spark conversations. Their posts have gradually evolved from just image to video content. Looking at some of their initial videos you will find that they were just trying out various concepts until their finally fine tuned it to speak a common brand voice. Their videos revolve around the product and various tentpole events. They also have series content which keeps the audience waiting for more. Due to the popularity of their series, they continue to create more such video content and keep their Facebook audience involved.


Uber is evolving the way the world moves by seamlessly connecting riders to drivers through their app across the globe. Their Facebook page has a fan base of 19 million people and in order to drive engagement, they use video content extensively. The videos revolve around the product and its new features. One important thing to note about Uber’s marketing campaigns is that they always ensure that there is an emotional connect with the audience. So all their video content is bound to make you emotional. Every once in awhile, the brand collaborates with celebrities and YouTube creators to create content that is unique. Any new offer or update is made into a new advertisement campaign by the brand without any fail.

Monster Energy

Monster is a leading energy drink brand which has a Facebook fan base of 26.4 million people. The brand’s voice is edgy and is targeted at youngsters from different walks of life. The brand has a unique way of marketing wherein instead of spending money on advertising campaigns, they spend money on backing athletes, promote concert tours and organise parties and events. Similarly their Facebook content is also refined to suit that brand voice. The videos mainly showcase racing content be it automobile or motor bikes. All these racing events are sponsored by Monster Energy and acts as a campaign in itself. They are consistent with their video posts and that drives a lot of shares, comments and engagement for the brand.

Nike Football

Nike, Inc. is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services. On Facebook it has various pages targeted at different products and markets. Here we look at the ‘Nike Football’ page which as its name goes targets on the Nike products which are used by football players. Their strategy for this page is to post as much video content possible. Their videos feature the top football players who use Nike products. Through these videos, the brand is able to keep the football fans across the globe updated.

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