Tips & Tricks9 Statistics that every YouTube channel owner should keep a track of

YouTube as a platform has evolved drastically over the years. However, one thing has remained at the core of its strategy – actionable data analytics for every video. This statistical data, if used strategically, can do wonders for your YouTube channel.

However there are some statistics that are not available on YouTube, but can be extremely useful. In this blog, we list down 9 statistics that can help every YouTube channel to improve its performance:

1. Uploaded a Video? Want to see how’s it working

Check out the traffic sources report and get to know what blogs, social media sites and part of YouTube is driving traffic to your video. This can help you better understand where your audience comes from and you can concentrate more on such sources.

Tip: You can access this information through the Traffic Source report on YouTube

Know it all

2. See how long your audience is staying and watching your video

Judge what part of your video is most interesting and where your audience is spending most of the time. Use this insight to arrange your content.

Tip: Have a look at this in your audience retention report on YouTube

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3. What Tags, Titles, Description and Thumbnail works for you

Look out for Vidooly suggested tags which can optimize your video for better discovery and get chance to improve your search ranking.

Tip: Check out this feature on Vidooly’s dashboard under Video Manager Section

4. What drives traffic to your videos? Check how your videos work on social media

See how your video is performing on social media, you get added views from these sites. Engage your audience on your social platforms and increase viewership.


Tip: You can see this analysis for each and every video under Video Manager section. Choose a video and track all its analysis.

5. Sentiment analysis of your audience is important

Look at what your audience is saying; understand whether your content was as per your audience interests. Turn your subscribers into lifetime fans.

Tip: See all of this in Community section of Vidooly’s dashboard


6. Know what your audience likes and is interested in

It’s important for content creators to know what their subscribers are interested in, get these insights from Vidooly’s dashboard and see your subscribers’ activity on different channels and videos.

Tip: Get the subscribers insights from Vidooly’s Audience Dashboard

7. Competing with channels of similar genres?  Track your competitors’ channel

Know the real time updates from Vidooly on what you competitors uploads and activity. Get weekly reports on how your competitors are performing in comparison to you.  Never miss to understand your competitor!

Tip: See this lucrative information under Vidooly’s Competitor Analysis tab


8. Check how your annotations are working for you

See if your annotation has good click through rates.  How much is your annotation getting clicked/ closed? You might get more subscribers and viewership if your annotations are rightly placed and timed in your video.

Tip: You can see this information under Annotations tab in YouTube Analytics.

9. Confused what keyword to use for your new video? Analyze what you choose

Vidooly helps you achieve this in an amazing way. Just type in and analyze the keyword of your choice. See what kind of competition you will get and the search volume for that keyword. Choose your keyword wisely, and improve your reach organically.

Tip: Check out Keyword Analysis feature on Vidooly’s dashboard



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