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Aravinda Holla6 years ago

Video Advertisements – there are good ones, average ones and bad ones. But then there are those that stick with the audience with that ‘something’ extra. That ‘something’ extra is what sticks with the audience and implants the identity of the brand in their head.

Tanishq is a brilliant example of creating such advertisements. Its TV commercials have always been received well by the audience – not just on television, but also on the internet. The latest ad showcasing Niloufer collection is a hit on YouTube already. 5 days since its launch on YouTube, it has clocked in over 200 thousand views and most of them have been organic!

The story-line of the advert centers around a strong self made woman who is attending an event to receive the ‘Young entrepreneur award’. With her award acceptance speech as the voice-over in the backdrop, the video shows her reaching the hotel, getting ready for the award and culminates with her finally going to the stage.

Nicely paced, short and crisp; the advert will definitely stay in the minds of the audience – especially women. Here’s the commercial:

Other classy adverts by Tanishq

Tanishq’s YouTube channel can be good research material for aspiring advertisers and agencies. They have uploaded 400 videos so far on their channel and 27 of them have clocked more than 100 thousand views! Their top two videos are unsurprisingly the ones featuring brand ambassador Deepika Padukone – one released during the mother’s day and the other during Diwali 2015. Strong family values and strong women characters have always been central to the themes of all their commercials. Here’s the Diwali ad featuring not just her but also her parents:

Scores of talented actors and artists like Amitabh BachchanSridevi and Anant Nag have already been featured in Tanishq’s adverts. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with next.

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