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Today, if you are a business owner or marketing manager looking for ways to increase your brand recognition, then video marketing should be your top priority. Why?

According to the Wyzowl Video Survey 2021, 93% of marketers believe that video should be included in their marketing strategy. Moreover, 93% of businesses gain new customers as a direct result of posting branded video content to social media platforms.

Interactive stories, short video forms, consistent storytelling or shopping videos are this year’s trends that help to stay ahead of competitors on various social media platforms, attract more audience and boost business. But what is the place of AI in video marketing? And how can brands use AI technology to improve their video marketing strategy? If you are concerned about AI integration and use of it in your video marketing strategy, remember that you can use AI consulting services.  

Keep reading to know more about AI applications in video marketing!

The main benefits of implementing AI in your video marketing strategy

It’s no secret that AI has become an important digital marketing tool and has a significant impact on digital marketing strategies.

In video marketing, artificial intelligence can be used for a variety of functions including automating complex tasks, such as adding effects and text overlays as well as understanding audience engagement and increasing conversion. Below you can find the main benefits of using AI in video marketing. 

More personalized video content

According to MailChimp, personalized content has three key benefits:

  • More satisfying customer experience
  • The best return on your investment 
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

One of the main advantages of AI in video marketing is that it can gather data about your audience’s search history, online behaviours and interests. This data may be used by AI technology to create personalized video marketing content that appeals to your audience and matches their lifestyle.

More efficient video advertising

Consumers spend a third of their time watching videos in the form of advertisements, manuals, informational materials, etc. Additionally, people watch an average of 16 hours of online videos per week, which is 52% more than in the last two years. 

Today, artificial intelligence is continuously revolutionizing what is possible in the advertising world, at all levels, from creating ads to targeting the audience and buying ads. With the correct data, AI-based advertising solutions can recognize large-scale trends in your video advertising data, and then predict which changes in campaigns will increase the performance of a particular KPI. Moreover, using artificial intelligence for video advertising can help you reduce the amount of money you spend on staff time as well as an ineffective advertising budget.

Real-time updates

Another advantage of AI in video marketing is that AI provides updated information about everything in real time.

Based on the information you receive from AI, you can make the necessary modifications to your video, publication time, and more. In most cases, small changes can ensure that you attract more people. Thanks to AI, which analyzes the audience’s reaction, you can find out what should be improved in order for your video content to rank at the top of a particular platform.

Increased engagement

Using AI in video marketing can help create interesting content for the target audience, as well as attract other customers by word of mouth. Furthermore, AI in video marketing also helps in the improvement of business SEO. As videos become more popular, they rank higher on the search engine results page, to increase brand awareness. Do not miss the opportunity to use the full potential of video marketing and AI to significantly increase your competitiveness now.

Future predictions of video marketing

In October, 11 Forbes board members shared their predictions for the future of video marketing to help businesses to reach and attract the attention of the target audience. [3] And here are some of them: 

  • Each platform’s video content strategy will be driven by data
  • The popularity of live streaming video will continue to rise
  • Conversions will be driven by soundless influencer videos
  • The future of video marketing ss data and Artificial Intelligence

To sum up

If you are still thinking when it is better to implement AI in video marketing, then the right answer is now! Today, over 81% of businesses invest in video marketing. As mentioned earlier, engaging video content on the right platform will help to beat competitors. With the help of AI, you have all the tools and data that will adapt and shape your video marketing strategy to attract the target audience.

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