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Recently, an American cable television news and talk show’s host Bill O’Reilly came under scrutiny after The New York Times reported that Fox News paid about $13 million in payouts to five women who accused O’Reilly of sexual harassment. After an internal investigation, FOX News parted ways with Bill O’Reilly.

This longtime host was known for his outspoken and incendiary comments on his show. In 2016, Bill O’Reilly opened one of his Talking Points segments with the statement that “Black Lives Matter is killing Americans.” There were many occasions when he was found quoting racist comments on black politicians, rape & murder victims and publicly blamed Black Lives Matters for crime spike.

But, for the record, among all the late night talk shows in America, The O’Reilly Factor remained at the number one spot on cable news ratings for its 60th consecutive quarter. This show is hailed as one of the most viewed conservative news and talk show in American late night T.V history and one of the favorite T.V shows of U.S President Donald Trump.

After his exit, O’Reilly’s name was erased from his show on Wednesday night, from “The O’Reilly Factor” to just “The Factor.

But one platform that still has more than 700 videos from The O’Reilly Factor’s last two seasons is YouTube. This Bill O’Reilly YouTube analysis of The O’Reilly Factor is done before FOX NEWS deleted all the videos related to Bill O’Reilly Factor. Late night shows on YouTube generates more viewership in total than these shows generates while live streaming on T.V.  This is due to the evolution of YouTube, as many talk shows started their YouTube channels which show the snippets and highlights of their high octane comedy/news talk shows.

Although The O’Reilly Factor’s YouTube viewership is not at all impressive (because The O’Reilly Factor is under FOX NEWS “YouTube channel” – And is made private), there are many interesting insights we found by analyzing about 744 videos under FOX NEWS’ “The O’Reilly Factor – Playlist. “

  • Most viewed video – 1,704,004 Watters’ World: Chinatown edition
  • Most liked and engaged video – “Donald Trump responds to President Obama’s criticism” with 8,085 likes and 14,794 comments.
  • Most disliked video – “Watters’ World: Chinatown edition” with 27,561 dislikes.
  • Miller Time: Trump victory reaction – is the third most watched video in the playlist
  • His lowest viewed video is “Growing tension between the Obama administration and Israel.”

Title analysis of 744 videos (Playlist is now in private mode) – This analysis will show which keywords are most frequently used in the title to draw viewership. These keywords are essentially the main topic of his content on Fox News.

Bill O’Reilly on air Monday
Bill O’Reilly on air Monday

Almost all videos from his season for the year 16-17 were added in this playlist. And the first video was added on 2016-06-10. There is a slight coloration between Trump’s campaign downfall, and raise in the month of June 2016 as on June 2, 2016, Republican Paul Ryan announced that he would vote for Trump. Also, in the month of June, Trump fired two of his primary campaign leaders Corey Lewandowski and Michael Caputo and hired Jason Miller as well as Kellyanne Conway for lead campaign roles.

Keyword Viewership –

  • Titles with TRUMP keyword generated 11,293,671 viewership.
  • Titles with OBAMA keyword generated 2,371,819 viewership
  • Titles with Watters’ World keyword generated 5,116,966 viewership

Title Mentions –

In this Bill O’Reilly YouTube analysis of The O’Reilly Factor, the keywords that were most frequent in this last couple of years in The O’Reilly Factor’s playlist videos. The high number of occurrences of these keywords can help us to understand what kind of content this “news talk show” wants to target.

  • The keyword TRUMP is mentioned 211 times.
  • The keyword WATTERS’ WORLD was used 55 times.
  • Jesse Watters is known for his on-the-street interviews and was featured in his segment of the show, “Watters’ World.”
  • The keyword OBAMA, ELECTION, AMERICA appeared in 32 different titles.
  • There are 16 videos with Hillary Clinton in its Title, and immigration was mentioned 23 times.


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