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Animal YouTube channels are beyond funny dog videos, weird species and never before incidents. They are dedicated towards much bigger and wider cause like animal abuse, saving the endangered species, conserving wildlife and exploring the animal kingdom.

One can never get bored of watching the unknown islands with unheard of animal species and obviously cute puppies. There are many international and national organisations such as the International Animal Rescue, PETA, ifaw etc. that work for the innocent lives and their betterment.

“Only if we understand, can we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help… shall they be saved.”

Animal rights are equally important as human rights and the advocates of the cause are associated through these amazing animal YouTube videos. With the world’s most popular social media platform YouTube, animal welfare societies, institutions and groups have tried their best to promote the overall wellbeing of these living beings.

Let us learn about some of these great animal YouTube channels that entertain, educate, inform and promote animal causes thereby invoking humanity for them.

Animal YouTube channels to know about

#1 BBC Earth

It is one of the most followed animal YouTube channels that features some of the top researches, documentaries and short videos on the wild. The channel basically celebrates nature, science, space and the human race. They show some fascinating clips and videos related to the wildlife that will surely leave you baffled. They are the bests when it comes to knowing about the planet that you live in while showing some hidden treasures of the animal kingdom.

#2 NatGeoWild

Who would not have heard about the national geographic wild? Everything animal is found on the official NatGeoWild for animal enthusiasts and lovers. It is one of the best animal YouTube channels to receive correct facts and information related to the animals. With over 3.06 million subscribers on the YouTube channel, they have a loyal set of the team that works for the animals and promotes their living.

#3 Brave wilderness

Adventurer and wildlife expert Coyote Peterson and his crew will take you on spine chilling, thriller and full of knowledge trip with the videos here. The Brave wilderness channel is one of those rare animal YouTube channels that documents close animal encounters, wildlife expeditions and on-field experiences. They have achieved thousands of millions of views and a great track of audience engagement on their videos too. Do check the channel for some amazing videos.

#4 The Dodo

Once again here is a famous channel that is totally focused on spreading awareness and information related to all types of animals. They aim towards making us humans feel empowered about helping animals in need. With several noble causes to serve, The Dodo family projects videos daily to make people fall in love with the voiceless. There are rescue videos that have gone viral on other social media platforms then there are many promotional works to let people know that we co-exist with the animals. They are awarded and much loved by their subscribers thus making it one of the incredibly lovable animal YouTube channels.

#5 Animal Aid Unlimited

The Udaipur, India based street animal rescue non-profit organisation centre that releases videos on social media are one of the most loved animal YouTube channels from the country. The team has housed over 4500 stray animals who have faced abuse or have been abandoned without much attention. The organisation spreads awareness related to the same cause with their events that also inform people about how to help the lost animals on road.

#6 Animal Planet

This is one of the world’s most popular animal YouTube channels that spread information, educate people and promotes love for the animal. The video streaming channel provides its viewers with top quality, well organised informative videos related to animals. The content they produce is meant for the television networks, mobile community as well as whole online platforms thus making it widely available for all.

#7 Real Wild

They explore the unusual and unseen by documenting videos in the lush forests and dry deserts. The videos are ranging from tales of friendly dogs to the fierce sharks in the ocean. It is one of the most subscribed animal YouTube channels that provide unbelievable content regarding the undiscovered side of the animal kingdom and their wilderness.

#8 iPanda

We are all a little panda-fied in our lives. We love naps, playing around, seeking the attention of our near ones, doing random funny things and being sleepy most of the times. For all the panda lovers, here is the right channel for you. The iPanda club is focused on taking care of the endangered species and post regular content related to pandas in China. There are CCTV cameras installed to record the daily activities which are streamed on YouTube.

#9 Hope for Paws- Official Rescue channel

The channel is dedicated to all videos related to real rescue operation of abandoned pets and domesticated animals. The videos are regularly updated and have great engagement rates too. They have several million views on these rescue documentaries which they use to fundraise and give the homeless animals a better and happy life.

#10 Kruger Sightings

It is the channels that have some amazing videos from the wilds of Africa that one must have never seen before in life. Right from unusual stories like that of a baboon which adopted and groomed a lion cub to battles between squirrels and snakes documented in real, they have bought a lot of facts to spotlight. The channel easily educates its viewers about animal behaviour and living thereby making it one of the most interesting animal YouTube channels.

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