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In a world that’s moving so fast, there’s something happening in every corner almost every minute. And it’s necessary for any person to be updated and abreast with the information about what’s going on around them. Newspapers and news channels are the primary means of information to most people for many years now. But, with T.V sets and internet connection now in every household, news channels that provide fast, easy access to current affairs are a hit among people.

With the surge in mass broadband adoption and the launch of 4G services, there is an increase in India’s mobile phone user base. There are over 460 million internet users in India and is the second largest online market, ranked only behind China. By 2021, there will be about 635.8 million internet users in India. This is why news corporations have shifted their focus towards the internet as more and more people spend most of their daily lives online.

With this rise of the Internet, new business models are proliferating as news organizations search for better sources of revenue and a new audience who use the internet as their primary source to get news updates. To succeed in this overpopulated market, there are several success factors that Indian news organizations had to take into account. And the most important among that was their YouTube channels dedicated to news publishing.

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YouTube attracts a diverse audience who are viewing content to grasp the current news. Through this report, we will examine how Indian news channels are faring in their video marketing mediums which essentially becomes an integral part of their yearly advertising budgets and marketing strategies.

Vidooly’s Annual Digital Video Report – News Category 2017 is an effort to examine the viewership growth pattern in India’s growing news channel industry on YouTube platform. The Digital News properties have been successful in the months of March, June, July, October, and December with maximum viewership on YouTube.

This report is useful to measure the vast news network of India. The report consists of the following:

  • Ranking of top news networks of 2017 in terms of their news channels views.
  • Lifetime Viewership and  2017 viewership of over 80 news networks with their lifetime subscribers.
  • Total Subscribers of the news channels for a news network in both digital and T.V platform.
  • The percentage share of 2017 news focused YouTube networks with lifetime viewership of networks.

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We took only news channels that are “news specific.” Entertainment channels are not considered under a media network. For example, ETV Telugu comes under Network 18, but it is excluded as it’s not a news-specific YouTube channel.

  • We are adding “Saas, Bahu & Saazish” type entertainment shows as these are being featured on News channels focusing on entertainment news.
  • This Report is only for the News Network of India, and not worldwide.
  • There are many videos that were deleted by YouTube channels. So, we have removed the negative viewership to get the monthly viewership of every network through their YouTube channels.
  • This ranking is based on the number of views on the news dedicated Youtube channels. Only channels that upload videos regularly are considered for this ranking.
  • The date may fluctuate after publishing the report. The data is accurate until February, 7th, 2018.

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