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Since the first video was uploaded in its platform in April 2005, YouTube, now owned by Google had been one of the leading digital video platforms till other social media players entered the market, thus leading to the current Social Media Revolution. Many new innovations were introduced by new entrants and existing players adding more options to content creators and advertisers. One such innovation was “Stories”, where content expires after 24 hours. This feature was first introduced by Snapchat, later made popular by photo social media platform Instagram, now owned by Facebook. YouTube became the latest platform to add the stories feature for mobile users only. This blog is purely based on the latest update on YouTube stories, i.e New AR Selfie Filters.

AR Selfie Filters by YouTube
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Without change, there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.

YouTube Stories Update: New AR Selfie Filters

More power to YouTube content creators from now on. Though it came late but stories format on YouTube has addressed all the shortcomings encountered in its counterparts. People at YouTube understand that every content creator is different and everyone has a different story to tell, therefore the latest AR selfie filters for YouTube stories have been specially curated taking into account the level of creativity seen on the platform.

YouTube Stories
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According to leading content creators regarding their experience on YouTube stories, ‘The stories experience has been so far really good and engaging but YouTube still needs to update the feature before it becomes a seamless addition similar to that of Instagram and Snapchat’.

It’s Better Late than Never


The latest AR selfie filters for YouTube stories may be a new addition in the video hosting platform but not new to the audience. This AR selfie filters have previously been introduced on Snapchat & Instagram powered by Machine Learning but many believe the addition by YouTube has so far been the best.

YouTube Stories Update: How it is Different from that of Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook?

As mentioned in the above lines, the new YouTube stories along with AR selfie filters are very much different from their predecessors. Here we list out a few points of difference: –

1) Expiry of YouTube Stories: Before the introduction of YouTube stories, the format named Stories was linked to a form of content that expired after 24 hours. But like every time, YouTube changed the rules of the game. Stories available on YouTube are live for 7 days. According to feedback shared by content creators, this allows them to engage more with their audience even during a dull period i.e when there are limited or no video uploads on their channel. 7 days also gives content creators time to work on new content ideas and video editing thereby ensuring their audience stays engaged with their content.

2) Availability of YouTube Stories: Unlike platforms like Instagram, Snapchat & Facebook where every user can create stories, the feature on YouTube is limited to elite users only. YouTube stories is available for content creators with 10,000 or more subscribers.

3) AR Filters Powered by Machine Learning: Unlike other AR filters powered by machine learning, YouTube stories uses real-time AR facial expression powered by machine learning to collect three-dimensional geometry mesh of your face. This particular approach employed by YouTube helps to get a rich AR experience and better animation on stories that content creators share with their subscribers. The best part of this AR filter is that the quality is not dependant on the depth sensor of your camera and camera phones with a single camera can also produce high-resolution YouTube stories. The API is powerful enough to create noise-free images & track movements more realistically to give creators a bigger boost to maximize their potential.

AR Selfie Filters by YouTube
Source: Google

Down Side: Many have complained due to the high-resolution output of the YouTube stories, it becomes a time taking process to upload the same from mobile when not connected to the Wifi network. However, this problem might not be a bigger concern for content creators in India with Jiofication ensuring faster and affordable internet countrywide.

Conclusion: As mentioned in the blog post by Google AI, the current updates to YouTube stories are still in beta version, therefore limited to only content creators with 10K+ subscribers. Only time will tell if the feature will be rolled out to every user on YouTube. The feature is also available for developers using the latest ARCore SDK.

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