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Science is a multifaceted, vast and limitless subject that encapsulates the physics & theory within human understanding. Studying the nexus of various celestial bodies, the chemistry behind meteoroids & asteroids, the physics defining the movement of objects in the interplanetary spaces combined together give existence to astronomy.

As technology keeps getting better and effective with each day, there are more opportunities and scope for passionate astronomers, students and individuals to learn about the astral world.

Astronomy YouTube Channels
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The coronavirus pandemic changed lives and introduced new normalcy to the world when people started noticing the skies above them. Right from the rare super flower moon to the Lyrids meteor showers in April 2020 and Eta Aquarids in May 2020 the skies were blessed in different forms. The year also had close encounters with newly discovered comets Atlas and the Neowise making rounds all through the month of July 2020. Such occurrences filled people with excitement and as most of these events were visible to the naked eye, astronomy clubs had many beginners on their list.

Right from knowing the best gadgets, telescopes, lenses to understanding astral maps, graphs and calculations, everything is available online. There is no boundary or limit to learning the science behind the spectacular happenings in the sky these days.

As we begin discussing the space and cosmos, here are best astronomy YouTube channels that impart knowledge about everything related to the topic.

Top 7 Astronomy YouTube Channels

  1. NASA

It is synonymous to space on all angles and this is the official channel to National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Being one of the most authentic Astronomy YouTube channels, NASA promotes its mission of pioneering the space exploration, scientific discovery and aeronautics research through the videos here. They have videos that comprise of over 50 years of study, analysis and research related to fundamental science, basic space discoveries etc. The channel has over 7.37 million subscribers and is trusted by its millions of viewers.

  1. PBS Space-Time

The astrophysicist Matthew O’Dowd hosts the videos on the channel that functions with topics related to the sci-fi, astrophysical occurrences, the space missions etc. It is definitely one of the best astronomy YouTube channels to study the rare phenomenon and concepts of physics. O’Dowd does vigorous research and studies each and every aspect concerning matters like quasars, black holes, changing galaxies and the extra-terrestrial. There are several series for astronauts, aspiring astronomy experts, students and enthusiasts. Do check this verified channel with over 2.07 million subscribers for more information.

  1. Space X

It is the official channel for the Elon Musk founded organisation the Space Exploration Technologies Corp. that designs and manufactures shuttles, rockets and space crafts. It is one of the most promising and genuine astronomy YouTube channel that discusses new technologies, ideas and innovations in the field of space science, astrophysics and universe. They have interesting videos on rockets launches, movements of space crafts and more. They have over 4.55 million subscribers and are verified with the best video compilations.

  1. Hubble Space Telescope

What’s out there, where did it come from, and what does it mean? Are few of those basic questions that the team is still investigating 400 years after Galileo first saw the space on his telescope. Despite various additions to the technology and smart features, they are seeking information related to the certain age-old phenomenon. The Space Telescope Science Institute uses this channel to study, analyse, and share their finding of the once-unimaginable celestial occurrences. The videos on it prove that it is one of the most amazing astronomy YouTube channels that will fill one with joy as well as information related to the most undiscovered mysteries.

  1. European Space Agency, ESA

The space exploration is a collective journey including 22 European countries who are contributing to the resources and pooling in the best of services. It is to position Europe at front spearheading space science, exploration and technology to reveal the most unheard, untold stories beyond the skies. The mission of ESA is to ensure that there is sufficient investment into the space science to build a robust network with top talent, capabilities providing the best of knowledge to the world and Europe. It is one of the most mind-blowing astronomy YouTube channels that feature videos, images of earth and the universe for people to watch and learn.

  1. Deep Sky Videos

Telescopic tours, astronomy sessions, access to world-class telescopes, astronomical instruments and more. This channel by Brady Haran explores the deepest secrets of the space and captures beautiful moments up above the sky. It is one of the most interesting astronomy YouTube channels that release a video per month on average but the content is full of information and that wow-factor about the lesser-known planets, galaxies, celestial bodies etc. do check this verified channel for some videos worth the time and experience apart from knowledge about using and handling telescopes.

  1. Sixty Symbols

Yet another series channel by astronomy enthusiast & video journalist Brady Haran who releases some of his wild discoveries and researches here. The channel features several experts and scientists from physics as well as astronomy backgrounds to explain the phenomenon, rare occurrences, intergalactic events and much more. This verified channel is one of the best astronomy YouTube channels for beginners who aspire to study further on the subject and achieve complete success in their scientific careers.

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