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No matter how random things might appear, there's always a plan. Co-Founder of Vidooly, a sucky marathon runner, firefox Cycler and a movieBuff

We’re all set to begin 2017 and I want to extend my warm greetings to everyone who’s been a part of our short but memorable journey so far. I hope you all had a fantastic holiday filled with joy and are all set to face a brand new season with renewed vigor and vibrant ambitions. With online video gaining massive traction in 2016, I expect this year to be absolutely exciting for us. We have...


What is a YouTube Multi Channel Network? If you are a YouTuber, in most probability you know the answer. If you are not, the chances of you knowing anything about MCNs are pretty slim. But even the ones who know what an MCN is, usually don’t know more about it. They’ll probably know the definition of an MCN and will have a superficial knowledge about how they actually work with content creators on YouTube. Ask...

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