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Multi-channel Network is now an integral part of YouTube ecosystem. Although it hardly matters for newly created YouTube channels, but, as the YouTube channel grows and reaches a benchmark, Multi-channel Network becomes the go-to agency in order to enhance the growth. For starters, a YouTube MCN helps creators with new brand deals, cross-channel collaborations, get brand sponsorship deals, and provides a content strategy with the help of data analytics.

But there are many MCNs that faced the anger of the YouTube community for providing misleading information, late payments, bad management, unresponsiveness, sucking all their monetization, high fee, and undelivered features. All these reasons correlate to one specific problem, and that is improper reporting.

Generally, to become an MCN, you go through a process with YouTube and they give you access to a Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to “claim” channels (with owner confirmation of course). Then you log into the CMS and have a special dashboard where you can manage things like Content ID, assets, multiple channels at once, etc.

This is where YouTube’s CMS Reports comes into the picture.

What is YouTube’s CMS Report?

YouTube offers formal reporting in the form of its downloadable reports, and dynamic data via YouTube analytics dashboard. Currently, the YouTube CMS analytics dashboard provides seven types of downloadable reports.

1. Video Report –

This report contains metadata and policy information for all the content that an MCN partner has uploaded to YouTube.

2. The Claim Report –

It is a complete list of all active claims associated with a content owner and includes each claims attributes and settings. Generally, this report contains data on UGC claims as well as partner uploaded videos.

3. Reference File Reports –

This report lists references that a partner uploaded to YouTube.

4. Asset Reports –

In here, you can download the complete list of all assets associated with the content owner, and includes specific attributes per asset such as title ID, ownership info and more.

5. The Asset Conflict Reports –

This details which assets are in conflicts with assets owned by other content owners. You need to resolve these asset conflicts in order to pave the way for the successful application of partners desired policies.

6. Weekly Performance Reports

These are the files that contain viewership info for claimed videos. A view represents a video playback of any duration.

7. Monthly Performance Reports

This report contains view counts and revenue information for claimed videos. Each report contains data for a one-month period. This data report contains all User Generated Content claims as well as partner upload videos. This is the most important data report coming from YouTube CMS system.

Now, to get an accurate viewership database and revenue generated information, the MCN owner needs to calculate the monthly payments to its YouTube channels.

This is where the “Reports feature” of Vidooly’s Multi-Channel Network (MCN) management software will help to cut short the lengthy and time taking process of managing the financial accounts.

How Vidooly’s report automation can help? 

With the help of “Reports feature” of Vidooly’s Multi-Channel Network (MCN) management software, you can eliminate the manual dependence of the MCN Owner to generate and segregate the data of all the YouTube channels under a network.

All you have to do is, ACTIVATE the report automation tool on Vidooly’s MCN Dashboard, and your report will be generated every month by extracting “Summary v1.0 & Claim Summary v1.0” data report from YouTube CMS platform automatically.

Types of Reports under Vidooly’s MCN dashboard. [Product screenshots] 

Performance Reports –


mcn Performance report
Vidooly MCN tool –
Performance report
Revenue Reports –

Asset Revenue MCNreport

GO TO –> Actions for channel partner Revenue report 

2.1 revenue action mcn

Payment –

3.payments reports

Thus, Vidooly’s MCN tool will help you to automate and segregate all the performance, revenue and payment report with just one click, thus saving hours of your time to obtain seamless execution of your Multi-Channel networks.

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