ListsThe Absolutely Awesome Apps Every Marketing Student Should Use In 2019

It is no news to the millennials that we are surrounded by marketing, in one form or the other. In this rat race, it is compelling that those who are in the field of marketing stay on top of the latest updates, upgrading them with the necessary tools as needed.

Whether you call yourself campaign creators, designers or a marketing strategist, there is a plethora of apps available today in the market that could make the job efficient and more manageable. Even as students, following the best apps not only provide learning opportunities but will give them first-hand experience.

So balance the priorities and get real some real-world practice with these marketing apps.

apps for marketing students

1. Slack

One of the first steps toward working in marketing is to be a great team player. There is no better place than a college campus to start developing your team spirit. Slack is the ultimate collaborative platform, starting from organized conversations to integrated file sharing. It is excellent communication to effectively performing teamwork, even at a college level.

The other features include voice and video calling, sharing conversations with business and integration with other popular apps like the Hubspot and comes with the option of building your own API.

2. EssayPro

When it comes to marketing, content is often regarded as the king. Even with a stunning layout or attractive sale offer, the material has to be powerful enough to catch attention. Considering the role of blogs in marketing these days, this writing app will prove to be a lot beneficial for students.

Your preferred essay writer from can create exceptional, high-quality content for the blogs. Not only that, the website is also an established educational platform, where students can find assistance in completing college assignments and other academic works. Now the app also comes with a write my essay option, that allows you to assign a task to a writer very easily.

3. Canva

It is difficult to find an app that offers plenty of features in the mobile version as well as it does in the PC modes. For visual creation and graphic design for blogs or banners for social media posts, Canva is an excellent choice of apps. One can use multiple filters, edit the photo with the necessary tools and use one of their templates to create an attractive poster. The user interface is simple, efficient and all the elements are pretty handy to come up with a stunning design all from your smartphone.

4. Ahrefs

However carefully strategized the marketing is, keywords hold the key to its success. From optimizing it for the search engines to getting the employer’s attention on your online resumes, keywords are of utmost importance. Ahrefs is one of the leading applications for SEO research to track keywords, domains, and many more across a wide range of measures like search volume, references, etc. There are so many aspects of Afrefs that is is difficult to cover everything in here. But familiarising about keywords even in college could turn out to be a lot helpful for understanding the prospects.

5. HootSuite

No marketing tool complete without mentioning social media. HootSuite has been in the SMM game for a while and has been successful at it. With a dashboard integrating all the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc., the app enables to schedule media posts and analyses traffic. It is best to start using as a student itself to get an idea of how to use it professionally. After all, there won’t be lack of social media accounts to manage for college students.

Using any of these apps even during studies could prove to be an asset while applying for marketing jobs. It is never a bad idea to stay one step ahead, so start preparing to market yourself in the future with these awesome tools.

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