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Bhuvan Bam. Ring a bell? No? How about BB Ki Vines? If you are a millennial in India, I’m pretty sure even if you haven’t seen his videos on YouTube, you must have heard about him from someone in your gang. That’s how popular he’s gotten now!

Besides YouTube, he is quite popular on other Social platforms as well. In fact, his videos started going viral on Facebook before his fame on YouTube. As of today, he has over 1.8 million likes on his Facebook page, 600 thousand followers on Instagram and 14 thousand followers on Twitter.

The YouTube fame

For the uninitiated, Bhuvan’s videos are essentially comical skits where he dons the hat of several characters. The vulgar mouthed Bhencho, Sameer Fuddi, Papa Maakichu, his own alter ego, the father, the mother – it’s all enacted by him. The videos are shot using a mobile phone and stitched together with crisp editing and clever background music. He does all of this himself!

He created his YouTube channel just about a year ago in June 2015 and in the initial few months, his channel’s subscriber base increased steadily. His biggest break on YouTube came just a day before this year’s Valentine’s day when he added more than 9000 subscribers and 1 million views to his channel in a single day; thanks to a video on Valentine’s day.

bb ki vines channel stats

His YouTube channel adds 2,800 subscribers and 400 thousand views on an average everyday! Isn’t that just incredible?! (Just to give you a perspective – TVF and AIB respectively add 1270 and 1186 subscribers on an average everyday)

bb ki vines channel subscribers

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What the future holds for BB Ki Vines

Bhuvan is an incredibly talented artist. He’s not just a great scriptwriter and actor but also a fantastic singer! Before his YouTube fame, he used to focus more on his singing through stage shows (he loves them even now) and his latest single Teri Meri Kahaani has clocked over 2.3 million views so far!

His talent is getting noticed everywhere. He is collaborating with TVF and even gave a TEDx speech in Delhi talking about his online video success. Despite all the success he is still humble and the boy next door persona just adds on to it. It’ll be really interesting to see what else he comes up with in days to come.

I personally want to see him make it big as an actor in movies. But at the end of the day, it’s all upto him.

All the best bhencho!! 🙂

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