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Aravinda Holla4 years ago

One of the most popular feature called YouTube Trends Map will be turned off. This feature not only lists the top trending videos on the site, but it also showed you what videos are being watched the most in different parts of the country. Trends Map was first introduced in 2013 and works as an effective way to see how a video travels through the web across gender and age groups.


Get better results than YouTube Trends Map –

Yes, using Vidooly’s Top Trending feature, you can find more topical and relevant trending videos with absolute ease! All you need to do is, click on this link and adjust the filters as per your need. It’ll probably blow your mind and you may find something enjoyable to view you wouldn’t have otherwise .


How YouTubers can use it:

i. Creating listicle videos:

There are quite a few YouTube channels which upload listicles of videos. Videos like “Top viral videos of the week” or “Best videos of the month” are quite popular among viewers and such videos are relatively easier to make. The only prerequisites to create such videos are good searching/research capabilities and solid editing skills.You can find all the latest trending videos at which is actually the third icon on the left side of your HOME page. Trending Videos

However, the Trending tab isn’t all that powerful yet. The web version gives you a linear list of videos with no filters whereas the app versions just give you 3 filtering options – Gaming, News, and Music. But, on Vidooly’s Top Trending feature, you can segregate your search by checking which video is trending in any Country you desire from a list of categories such as Films & Movies, Vlogs, Music, Pets and Animals and much more. 

Here’s how simple it is:
trending videos on youtubeNote: Content aggregating websites like ScoopWhoop and Storypick thrive on listicle type of articles. If you’re running a similar list based website, you can utilize this feature to churn out interesting video lists.

ii. Making reaction videos:

Finding out a viral/trending video and making reaction videos can be another easy way of creating content for your channel. Dante D’Angelo, MaximBady and Fine Brothers Entertainment are some really good examples to get inspired from.

This is a great way to piggyback on the popularity of other existing videos. All you gotta do is – find the right kind of trending video and make a video with your reaction/commentary on it. You can also get multiple people to react to videos like how Fine Brothers Entertainment does it.

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iii. Making Spoof videos:

Do you remember the time when Vogue released the controversial “My Choice” video featuring Deepika Padukone in March this year? If you have seen that video, I’m pretty certain you must have watched the spoof of the same video by popular comedy channel Being Indian. The original video was released on March 28 and the spoof was released just 3 days later; on the first of April. Not surprisingly, it also raked in thousands of views in no time!

This is a perfect example of how keeping a close vigil on the current trends can pay off for a YouTube channel. So, keep a track of what’s happening in your category/genre and come up with a spoof video whenever you see an opening.

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How Marketers can use it:

Are my advertisements reaching the maximum number of people? Are my ads being watched by the right audience for my product/service?

These are the 2 fundamentals that any marketer keeps in mind while running advertising campaigns. Ensuring that these basic prerequisites are met require a lot of market research and know-how of the existing online trends. So, if you are a marketer for a brand, and thinking of running your next ads on the most trending videos on the web; Vidooly’s Leaderboard is the perfect tool for you.


1. If you represent a cosmetic brand and want to your ads to catch the eyeballs of teenage girls and girls in their 20s:

Check out the videos that are trending in the How to and style category. Make a note of the respective channels. Run your ads on the videos of these channels.

2. If your product is an electronic gadget and you want your ads to catch the eyeballs of guys in their 20s:

Check out the videos that are trending in the Gaming and Sports categories. Make a note of the respective channels. Run your ads on the videos of these channels.

Note: Running ads for a particular video might be a costly affair since CPM for such a targeting approach is bound to be high. So instead, you can probably target all the videos of the channel or target the keywords used in the title of the video in adwords keyword targeting.

Besides these advantages, following trending videos is also a lot of FUN isn’t it? Whether you’re a content creator on YouTube or a digital marketer for a brand or even just a regular user; Vidooly’s Trending Videos feature can be a great tool for you. The best part about the feature is that it is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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