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Shruti Sen2 years ago

So April Fool’s Day has just gone by and if you think it’s only people who dupe each other, you’re wrong! This day is a big hit in the corporate world as well, where brands compete with each to see who who falls for their tricks.

In this blog, we will showcase some of best April Fool’s Day prank videos of 2018 by brands. Some have announced excellent news, while some have launched totally believable product and service launches.

Here are the best 2018 April Fool’s Day campaigns from India:


This year on April Fool’s, Kingfisher introduced the KFit band to find out “how much is too much?” while celebrating good times. In order to keep their customers satisfied and also ensure that they drink responsibly, the KFit band is created with their patented, first of its kind ALCOSENSE technology that alerts you when you’ve had too much. This product is a combination of world class beer with world class technology. Watch the video and find out how it works.


Just like every year, the tradition of April Fool’s pranks continues in the Indian startup ecosystem. This year a day before April Fool’s, OYO introduced #OYOSMARTCoin which will benefit hotel partners, consumers & the entire ecosystem at large. Using OSC, consumers will be able to transact on the OYO platform with reduced prices and travel partners will be able to directly market & offer benefits to them. It managed to create a lot of buzz on Twitter.

Uber Eats India

April Fool’s Day is incomplete unless you see some revolutionary product launches. Uber Eats launched an #AntiAgingIceCream that was bound to mind boggle the internet users. This ice cream is claimed to fight eight signs of ageing.


For the past few years, it’s been a tradition for Ola to introduce intriguing services to its user on April Fool’s Day which seems totally legitimate. This year, they introduced the concept of ONN which is a Ola News Network where the Ola drivers double up as journalists who report local news and keep you updated on what’s happening around you.  

KFC India

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For this year’s April Fool’s Day prank, KFC India took finger lickin’ to the next level. They introduced the #KFCDoubleTrouble Lip Balm in two flavours – American Mustard & SweetChilli – in one smack-worthy balm.


Smart traveller are always alert about their belongings and Ixigo for this April Fool’s targeted them with an innovative product called Ixigo Kavch which is a smart lock that protects your baggage from theft by providing electric shock to the person stealing it. It is also enabled with bluetooth and unlocks via your fingerprint. It’s cool and totally sounds believable.

Reliance Jio

Although Jio is new in the April Fool’s prank game, it has made it’s mark by launching the concept of JioJuice that charges your phone as soon as you start using your Jio SIM. It urges its users to say goodbye to chargers and power banks and rely on the Jio network to get your phone charged in no time.


And a few from the rest of the world as well:


For this year’s April Fool’s, the binge watcher of Netflix were welcomed with a banner announcing that the streaming service has acquired Seth Rogan. Which means that Seth Q. Rogen has entered into a lifetime deal to transfer full ownership of his personal autonomy to Netflix, Inc. Although this prank was for a good cause and was a mere promotion for Seth Rogen’s “Hilarity for Charity”, a taping of a star-studded fundraiser in Los Angeles to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease among millennials that users will be available to stream on the site on April 6.

Coca Cola


Coca Cola has always been a marketing genius with this innovative campaigns. For April Fool’s they decided to launch three new Coca Cola flavours that is Avocado, Sourdough & Charcoal. The Avocado flavour got the most hype and attention among the internet users.


Smartphone watches are considered cool, right? So why not Smartshoes? This April Fool’s Day, T-Mobile introduced smartphone sneakers which are called T-Mobile Sidekicks. It’s a fully connected sneaker which allows you to video call your friends and family and guess what the laces function as headphones.

Heinz UK


If you think simple mayonnaise is irresistable, then what about chocolate mayonnaise? Heinz UK pulled off the April Fool’s prank by introducing just that.

Virgin Australia

Being a frequent traveler, you are often bound to miss out on your gyming sessions. With Virgin Australia’s new “Spin Class” which is the world’s first in-flight cycling studio. This of course is a prank but a very well planned and elaborate one.

Burger King

With their last year’s Whooper toothpaste paste, this year also the bran has to live up to the expectation. So they launched a Whooper sandwich which is made entirely with chocolate and candy ingredients.


Getting your Google ranking up can be a herculean task. But no more with this year’s April Fool’s prank product launch called Google Shrine. This is where you offer you prayers, links, AdWords dollars and 2,000-word blog posts in exchange for better search engine rankings.

So which ones did you fall for?

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