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Instagram has moved on from being just a social media platform to much larger space. We often log into Instagram when we are looking for some inspiration or thinking of starting something fresh and creative. Here is a list of top arts Instagram accounts that will surely keep you motivated:

1. Takashi Murakami (takashipom) Total Posts: 8500 Total Followers: 2.4M

Takashi Murakami - Best Art Instagram Account

If we talk about art and culture, Japan would be one of the first countries we will think of. And Takashi Murakami is a top-notch artist from Japan who is taking the Japanese art scene to a different tangent. He is a performing artist, a sculptor and designer, who skilfully captures Japanese vibrant pop culture. No wonder that he is ‘the man’ behind some of the iconic prints on Louis Vuitton bags and even designed the cover of Kanye West’s album. Murakami blends the old and the new of Japanese art masterfully.

2. Beeple (beeple_crap) Total Posts: 2,889 Total Followers: 2.5M

Mike Winklemann - Best Art Instagram Account

A future focussed animator, graphic and crypto artist, beeple_crap is a go to Instagram account for a lot of people who are looking for artistic inspiration. His artistic expressions are socially aware as often we see political and societal topics come up. He also uses his Story Highlights very intelligently. He is also a prime design contributor towards many Louis Vuitton collections. 

3. Christoph Niemann (abstractsunday) Total Posts: 626 Total Followers: 1.1M

Christoph Niemann - Best Art Instagram Account

If you follow New Yorker, The New York Time Magazine, Wired, Time etc. then you’ve already seen Christoph Niemann’s artwork on their covers, several times. He calls himself a visual artist and rightfully so. His graphic visuals are layered that will entice you to take another look at them. He has also led various advertisement campaigns for leading names like Nike, Microsoft etc.

4. Banksy (bansky) Total Posts: 127 Total Followers 11.2M

banksy - Best Art Instagram Account

This anonymous graffiti artist took the world by storm by the artworks like The Baloon Girl- which also got sold through Sotheby’s with more than 1 million pounds, There is always hope and Love. Banksy inspires millions of followers across the globe. Freedom, justice, equality, peace these are perhaps the muse the artist lives by and these are reflected even by the ironic artworks.

5. Kaws (kaws) Total Posts: 5,222 Total Follower: 3.9M

kaws - Best Art Instagram Account

Another contemporary artist who is inspiring many through his edgy and spirited pop arts. You can easily set apart the KAWS artworks by the cross marks on the hands and eyes of the subjects. He showcases his artworks in some of the leading galleries and even produces designs for prime apparel and footwear brands.

6. Toyin OJIH ODUTOLA (toyinojihodutola) Total Posts: 297 Total Followers: 1.41K

toyinojihodutola - Best Art Instagram Account

Considered as one of the most exciting young artists working today. From the intricate 3D graphics to charcoal drawings- Odutola’s artistic expressions are wide-spread. No wonder his work has found a prominent space in the National Portrait Gallery, UK.

7. Andreas Wannerstedt (wannerstedt) Total Posts: 287 Total Followers: 810K

Andreas Wannerstedt - Best Art Instagram Account

This Stockholm based digital artist is famous for his surreal looping animations and 3D sculptures. Nature plays a big role in his colourful artworks. Wannerstedt’s art has found its way in brand collaborations such as Ikea, Cocacola, Absolut Vodka etc. He is also a Crypto artist who has made his mark in the NFT fraternity.

8. Jen the Body Painter (jenthebodypainter) Total Posts: 243 Total Followers: 256K

Jen the Body Painter - Best Art Instagram Account

Another must-follow Instagram account where the artist channels her expression through body-painting. From nature to cityscapes-it all comes alive through Jen’s paintings. Many celebrities also has been collaborators to Jen’s body paintings including Maisie Williams.

9. Felipe Pantone (felipepantone) Total Posts: 2,461 Total Followers: 445K

Felipe Pantone - Best Art Instagram Account

Bold rush of colours, pop art, geometric patterns- this is what Felipe Pantone’s Insta handle represents. As an audience, you never get to see the artist but the artworks keep you hooked. Technology and 3D illusions drive his artistic spirit.

10. Jean Jullien (jean_jullien) Total Posts: 1,834 Total Followers: 1.2M

Jean Jullien - Best Art Instagram Account

This French designer’s Instagram account is a mirror of our society and us as a whole. Ironic and sarcastic many of his posts would make you laugh and take a hard look at the society at the same time. He has bagged some major collaborations too, with the brands like New Yorker, Nike, the Guardian, BMW etc.

If you’re an art enthusiast or looking for some artistic inspirations, you can follow or browse through these art Instagram accounts. It can be also helpful for those who are looking at starting their own art-driven Instagram handles. 

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