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Flying is fascinating for everyone. We all have memories from childhood when we chased the shadow of an aeroplane in the sky or travelled in it for the first time in life. While most of us had dreams to become an aeronautic engineer or pilot as kids, few got through and succeeded in achieving it.

The aviation industry is vast and diverse with different creations, innovation, historical events, mechanisms, technicalities etc. that definitely amazes us each time we learn about it. As it is difficult for everyone to make it to the flights in real, here are some amazing video content that makes up for the void.

These aviation YouTube channels are equipped with some experienced and learned crew members that explain the bests of the aviation world to the viewers. To know more about the flying lifestyle and engineering here are 7 aviation YouTube channels that one can follow.

Best 7 Aviation YouTube Channels in 2020

  1. Live from the Flight Deck

Going by the channel name, the Boeing 737 professional airline pilot shares mind-blowing videos shot from the deck of the pilot’s cabin. There are several amazing take-offs, and landing videos shot from the cockpit angle where entry of normal passengers is prohibited. The videos are exciting, especially the time-lapse shots on the list. All such creative work on it makes this one of the fascinating aviation YouTube channels.

  1. MariaThePilot

Maria Fagerstrom and her partner Viktor Fors make video content for aviation enthusiasts where they smartly discuss all topics related to flying through their Mr and Mrs Pilot channel. As they both, Maria & Viktor are commercial pilots from Sweden and Spain respectively, they have a lot of knowledge and experience to share with their audience. Being a Boeing 737 pilot, they provide insightful facts about turbulence, safe landing, pilot’s lifestyle etc. All such content makes it one among the best aviation YouTube channels.

 3. NC Aviation

Noe Castillo is the host of this channel where he posts information related to the aviation industry and scope of flying an aircraft. He hails from Mexico and is passionate about the aircraft that he flies besides posting about the mechanism and lesser-known technicalities behind aviation. The channel is verified and one of the most amazing aviation YouTube channels to subscribe in 2020.

  1. Cargospotter

Martin loves aircraft and learning about them all the time besides uploading never-before videos shots of aeroplanes in action. The channel is made for all aircraft amateurs and people interested in learning about the aviation industry’s functioning along with aeroplanes. Cargospotter is the hub of videos of Boeings, Ilyushins, Douglas planes etc. that are rarely seen. It is one main reason why the real footages captured and posted here receive massive views making it one of the super fab aviation YouTube channels.


After learning about the aviation styles and seeing casual videos of flights in action from above-mentioned channels, a channel that teaches safety, trains people, demonstrates systems in aviation, shows vintage aircraft models and much more for their audiences. AIRBOYD is a hub of precious films, documentaries, rare clips, footages and everything related to aviation that will fascinate the AV-geeks in the audience. Do subscribe for the amazing content on flying.

  1. Mustard

Quirky, cool, rare to unknown and everything factual about aircraft and flying is available at this amazing channel on YouTube. The channel is known to upload high-quality videos that explore and shares experiences from different kinds of aeroplanes. The channel is full of entertaining and humorous commentary that explains situations making them more addictive for audiences. It is surely one of the greatest aviation YouTube channels to watch.

  1. Captain Joe

His channel is a sneak peek into the real life of a pilot on board and the experiences associated with it. The channel explains the regular life and living of Captain Joe who not just explains the topics related to the aviation and aircraft but also shows the reality beyond just the schedules, delays, training, learning etc. As one of the most popular aviation YouTube channels, it serves the right purpose of educating people about the different aspects of a pilot’s life in and around the flights.

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