Lists5 Best Beauty & Skincare Brands on Instagram to Follow Right Now

The beauty and Skincare industry is closely connected to the social media platforms due to the presence of the young, diverse and potential target market. Social media plays a significant role in amplifying the popularity of beauty brands and skincare influencers among young millennials. They can purchase as well as promote at their levels which can prove to be more beneficial than the brand promoting itself on these platforms.

The rise of beauty blogging and vlogging on Instagram has boosted the overall growth of the industry both in terms of digital presence as well as real sales & revenue. Beauty and skincare brands on Instagram add more personality to the brand itself by approaching the audience in a much authentic and trusted manner. The content is genuine with real reviews from customers, additional information, behind the scenes from the production and manufacturing systems.


Best Beauty and Skincare Brands on Instagram

These beauty and skincare brands on Instagram have leveraged the power of the social media platforms by developing highly engaging, informative and relatable content in sync with the changing times. They understand the dynamic culture on Instagram and its shift process from one trend to another thereby, staying updated and constant with the change.

Here are a few amazing beauty and skincare brands on Instagram that one must follow right away for the best advice and products.

5 Best Beauty and Skincare Brands on Instagram

  1. Huda Beauty Brands

It is one of the most successful and popular beauty and skincare brands on Instagram that has over 49.3 million followers on its brand account. The channel is solely focused on the engaging video content as well as comparisons posts that would compel the viewer to dig more about the products. The animal-friendly cosmetics brand is a luxury beauty label that is globally known for its high-quality products that is presented by models form diverse communities, race and culture. The brand is known to popularise itself as an inclusive, trustworthy and deserving brand on social media with its impressive posts.


Best Beauty and Skincare Brands on Instagram

  1. L’Oreal

The popular brand L’Oreal Paris on Instagram is known for its useful tutorials, beauty tips, celebrity makeup ideas, makeovers etc. it is not all about the products but the overall brand. It uses top-notch Instagram beauty influencers, along with micro-influencers to reach the target market and create an impact. The brand introduced AR adverts in marketing strategies backed by the digital features on Instagram where people could try on the products on the application itself to get an idea about the same on themselves in real. L’Oreal is known to have hosted several beauty-related social media campaigns that aced the digital platforms and went viral. One of their most successful campaigns on digital media was the ‘Beauty Squad campaign’ that involved several top influencers who made “how to” introductory videos along with articles and blogs that presented the brand products on YouTube and Instagram. It received massive engagement and provided viewers with the required information about the videos before they watched them completely hence, making it convenient for audiences.

Best Beauty and Skincare Brands on Instagram

  1. Fenty

Rihanna’s Fenty is a digitally revolutionary brand that made it large on Instagram besides few other social media sites. The brand is known for its unique 40 shades of foundation to suit the diverse skin tone existing globally. Its influencer partnerships with celebrities and other known faces garnered much appreciation due to its heavy inclusivity movement on Instagram. Fenty combines its digital brand presence with real reviews, testimonials from trusted reviewers and industry experts to reach, acquire and retain consumers. With over 10.8 million flowers globally, they represent people from different walks of life and create content relevant to most of the audience. Quoting Fenty by Rihanna as the best brand on Instagram in terms of campaigns and engagement is undebatable for now.

Best Beauty and Skincare Brands on Instagram

  1. Sephora

Unique and distinct marketing strategies set Sephora apart from other brands on the digital platform. The brand set its Sephora Squad that was a team of selected influencers who were authentic, creatively inspiring and sorry-not-sorry storytellers from the beauty industry. The standards did not really check for the number of followers the influencers had but focused on how well they could narrate the brand’s story to the audience. The selected influencers were the ambassadors of the brand and presented it globally through Instagram. The marketing strategies used by the brand are focused on content that can be relevant to people from different cultures, sexual orientations, ethnicities, gender identities and more. Such social media moves not just made the brand more people-friendly but also trustworthy with the direct impact of influencer marketing.

Best Beauty and Skincare Brands on Instagram

  1. Drunk Elephant

The pastels, neons, and vibrant shades of the Instagram page is perfect to attract the young market as well as beauty enthusiasts. Drunk Elephant is an innovative beauty and skincare brand that focuses on helping its customers get healthier and better skin. The brand on Instagram indulges in happy content like memes, subtle reviews, along with graceful visual designs that make it overall attractive. The concept is very relatable as the products are not just meant to enhance beauty but to boost the self-confidence factor.

Best Beauty and Skincare Brands on Instagram

With bold digital platform campaigns like #barewithus, they encouraged the participants to post selfies of their bare faces sans any cosmetic makeup but just their skincare regime. It showed people how the brand helped the customers get their skin healthier and happier.

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