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Instagram launched in 2010, has come a long way from its insignificant beginnings. Initially, the visual social media platform was treated as a place to share picturesque brunch groupfies & filtered selfies.

As the audience preferences changed, the platform recognized the high potential for brands and made space for them. The best brands on Instagram utilized this chance to get optimum benefits while setting examples for the Instagram rookies. best brands on Instagram

Nowadays, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media sites, known for being a leading content promotion tool by brands.

The platform has over 1 Billion monthly active users who spend an average of 45 minutes on scrolling through the feed. The figures have spiked up after Instagram introduced new features like stories, IGTV, and video posts.

With such a vast number of active users on site, Instagram holds immeasurable marketing opportunities for brands. Growing popularity of the platform helps brands utilize its direct emotional association with a gigantic market. best brands on Instagram

According to studies by Sprout Social, 80% of Instagram users follow brands which indicate the value this site holds for the business houses.

Statistics from leading analytics companies suggest that the user base on Instagram has exponential growth. This development brings in a prismatic scope for users, businesses, and influencers.

Discussing Instagram marketing, we know “nothing worth having comes easy.” Thus brands need to innovate ideas to visually engage their audience.

Best brands on Instagram have been experimenting with approaches to celebrate their brand images and reaching the position they have arrived at today.

Marketing on the site will create & shape up the brand image while keeping it “top-of-mind” for those followers. Understanding Instagram marketing involves noticing online behavioral patterns and preferences of users interested in your business category. best brands on Instagram

Over the years, influencer marketing saw variations in the way advertisers planned promotions. Micro and nano influencers were roped into the marketing space to enhance the relevancy of advertisements on Instagram.

The online marketing strategies witnessed a complete makeover with comparatively increased investment and ROI on it.

Strategically, brands know where their real audiences are and what can influence them. In spite of utilizing Facebook’s 2.2 Billion user data and revenues as a subsidiary company, Instagram has never been associated with any controversy that Facebook has always been in. best brands on InstagramTo justify, we know the scandals our favorite friend-making website has been into yet Instagram seems to be neither taking nor misusing much personal information. Additionally, the fast-growing user base, engaging interface, more precise hashtag targeting, & the ‘instagrammable’ pictures can be added to the list of benefits.

Now, try counting reasons why brands and influencers should not consider Instagram for branding.

Best Brands on Instagram that are Instafamous

1. Chanelofficial: The French high fashion house revolutionized the way people dressed. They are a premium brand that specializes in regular wears, luxury goods, haute couture and readymade clothes. Social media being the most accessible and active place, is perilous for the brands dealing in luxury fashion. Despite all barriers, chanelofficial is one of the top influential luxury brands on Instagram.

The Instagram business account has over 35.6 Million followers with high engagement rates and impressions. Their posts are real goals for fashionistas and beauty bloggers who intend to build exclusively inspiring and impactful Instagram accounts.

2. Subway: A lot of us love the American restaurant franchise. They make the perfect submarine sandwiches & salads. With over 1.1 Million followers on Instagram, Subway is a pro at engaging with its audience. Their account quotes “Spreading the love of subs to the world, one square image at a time” which reflects in their posts.

Drool-worthy cookie platter, freshly made sandwich videos and healthy salad bowl images would surely make you rush to the nearest outlet. Their social media actions play a crucial role in business growth. While audience engagement on Instagram helped them convert impressions, Subway with its creative posts is one of the best brands on Instagram.

3. Nike: World-renowned athletes featuring on Instagram posts have added to the overall aura of their page. “If you have a body, you are an athlete. #justdoit” says the Nike business account that boasts a trail of whopping 89.8 Million followers.

They have covered winning moments, motivating sights, sportsmanship events, body positivity, and many more ideas through their Instagram page.

Engaging campaigns, impressive images and posts that leave long-lasting impact on viewers are strategies helping them grow to be among the few best brands on Instagram.

4. Natgeotravel: Photography is more about having a unique angle of viewing the world rather than just clicking. National Geographic Travel is an example of enhancing social media presence with real photography. They have not just posted addictive, high-quality images but also captions that leave you in deep thoughts.

Their Instagram account notes, “It’s a big world. Explore it through the lens of our photographers.” With over 32.1 Million followers, Natgeotravel captures some finest sunsets, blossoms, snow clad mountains, raw streets, endangered species, wilderness and skyscrapers. All of these pave the way for the account into the list of inspiring and best brands on Instagram.

5. Maccosmetics: High definition images of perfect foundation shades, neatly lined eyes, matte colored lips are straight winners on Instagram. Mac is a popular high-end cosmetic company which has over 22.2 Million followers on Instagram.

Their account says, “All Ages, All Races, All Genders.” which is evident in their posts as well. The social media performance of Mac’s Instagram page is good mainly because of new product launches and celebrity features.

IGTV tutorials on makeup & question polls make sure that the viewers stay engaged and interact with the company. Mac, with its smart advertising & social media presence, is in this list of best brands on Instagram.

6. Fifaworldcup: Short viral videos, emotional captures from the ground, exceptional penalty shootouts on their Instagram page would leave you scrolling till the end. Fifa world cup official Instagram account has 13.8 Million followers who are mostly football fans in need of their daily dose of motivation.

Many old videos from the previous FIFA world cup matches are reposted here for entertaining viewers. It is a good platform for football fans to discuss and interact with the sport.

7. Starbucks: “Inspiring and nurturing the human spirit — one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.”  goes the coffeehouse chain on Instagram. With over 17.9 Million followers, Starbucks is the host to many popular social media campaigns.

The company posts peppy cool pictures of ice teas, cold coffee variations, and exotic shakes, highly capable of keeping the viewers engaged. Well strategized Insta-worthy videos, posts and stories are reasons why Starbucks aced on the platform.

8. Calvinklein: The American luxury fashion house is instafamous for its bold, inspiring, and practical posts. Their account quotes “Authentic. Unfiltered. United. We speak our truths. Join us.” Calvin Klein Inc. is a specialist in leather products, perfumery, lifestyle, accessories, ready to wear haute couture and home furnishings.

With 18.1 Million followers, it is one of the best brands on Instagram worth following. The posts are vibrant, high spirited and engaging, thereby ensuring that viewers stay updated and feel connected to the brand.

9. KFC: The Kentucky fried chicken company is popular amongst people from all backgrounds for its exceptional taste and offers. Their Instagram page is equally attractive, with over 1.4 Million followers, where audiences are engaged. The company runs great carousels, promoting its new recipes and running challenges to keep the followers entertained. Colonel Sanders miniature toys and goodies are offered in meals while models flaunting white hair and beard promote the brand mascot on Instagram.

They advertise through paid partnership promotions & sponsor ads on Instagram. The food/beverage company, flaunts food videos, pictures and secret recipe dishes on their Instagram account, leaving viewers salivating for more.

10. Lonelyplanet: After serving and assisting travelers for 45 years, the travel & leisure company entered Instagram. They are performing brilliantly with soul-filling, offbeat location pictures. The page is followed by more than 2.3 Million fans who consider it as one of the best brands on Instagram. The account is a feast for the eyes and fuel for traveler spirits.

They give a detailed description, idea, information, and lesser-known facts about destinations to help people. Lonelyplanet reposts and features top travel bloggers with striking & share-worthy posts to spread the word about safe and happy traveling. It advertises in partnerships and is known for giving shout outs to good travel posts.

11. Puma: The Athletic sports shoes and apparel manufacturing company is known for its brilliant posts. They are creative in promoting their products, emphasizing shoes more with videos and animations. Puma runs engaging campaigns to increase interaction with their 9.8 Million followers, which in a way makes the fans feel valued.

They are known for being the best in marketing over social media due to the smart, strategically placed advertisements. Puma connects with the young generation by incorporating pop culture elements in their posts on Instagram.

It speaks in volumes about the trend-setting culture that prevails in the organization.

12. Anastasiabeverlyhills: The American cosmetics company expert in manufacturing eyebrow products seems to be great with its social media skills. They have 19.5 Million followers on Instagram. Engagement rates are high on the page because of the user-generated content that is boosted by the account.

Attractive high definition images of models with neatly painted eyes, lips and brows make the page more special for makeup artists and bloggers. They mostly select top Instagram accounts who follow them and use their product while featuring on their official feed.

The account not only encourages their customers to make more content but also instills a sense of belongingness amidst fans.

Along with business accounts making it large on the platform, Influencers garnered much praise for helping elevate brand strategies. Amidst controversies, Influencer marketing was much illustrious, and campaigns featuring influencers doubled in a year.

Content plays a key role in influencer marketing because talents cannot convert bad ideas into good ones. Sponsoring campaigns through influencers is smarter as it gives a personal angle to the promotion leaving an immeasurable impact on viewers.

The companies mentioned above are few amongst the best brands on Instagram and there is a lot that one can learn from them. Right from understanding audience interests to utilizing user-generated content for promotion, everything requires a good plan and proper execution.

To get success on Instagram, one can follow these practices which seem insignificant but do play a significant role in gaining Instafame and followers.

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