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YouTube is a hub of millions of car YouTube videos that keep the tech and automobile nuts going on with their passion and interest. There are channels that are specifically dealing with usual car making, trade, stunt technologies, beautification, details etc. besides channels dedicated towards supercars, expensive brands, unique history and tales behind particular models of cars.

With a diverse mindset, car enthusiasts vary from each other in terms of their interests and opinions. While some may enjoy simple car driving and tester video content many will also opt for the car making, manufacturing and customizing videos.

Out of all the amazing car YouTube channels, we have listed a few best ones that are worth binge-watching for references.

Best 8 Car Youtube Channels to Follow

  1. Mighty Car Mods

With over 3.44 million subscribers the MCM community is host to anyone with a car of any type and wants to get better with its performances. The channel was started by two friends Marty and Moog who wanted to make cars and film them for their uniqueness. This duo is known for making and customizing all sorts of automobiles at their home and working on creative projects while capturing the journey, editing and publishing them. It is definitely one of the most inspiring car YouTube channels that not just impart great knowledge & information but also ideas on car projects.

  1. Doug DeMuro

Doug’s simplified presentation skills added to the smart information that he provides makes this one of people’s favourite car YouTube channels. The channel mostly deals with basic luxury cars like a Mercedes, BMW or Audi that won’t really take more than a lifetime to buy in comparison to the typical premium, an exclusive category like the Ferrari. With a whopping 3.84 million subscribers, Doug DeMuro is one of the most amazing and must-visit car YouTube channels.

  1. Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay owns some of the finest, exotic, rare car models that make him the right person reviewing the rest. Jay Leno’s Garage is one of the most amazing car YouTube channels is a place where one can find great reviews on cars and motorcycles, compares models, shares ideas and opinions on various updates, trends and customizing projects related to the automobile industry. The channel has over 3 million subscribers and is full of jaw-dropping, fact revealing videos coming every Sunday.

  1. Emelia Hartford

For a daily dose of motivation and look into the regular life of someone spending most of their time in the garage, with their cars, head to Emelia’s channel. She buys cars of all types and transforms them into marvellous customised beasts and beauties in their own ways. Right from the engine swaps to the unique rebuilding of cars from the scratch, she does it all. Emelia vlogs her day to day life on the streets and inside the garage while giving useful tips on handling cars.

  1. Motor Trend Channel

The magazine Motor Trend from the 1940s has changed into one of the most popular amazing car YouTube channels. With a massive following over 6 million subscribers now, Motor Trend channel is a hub of great automobile videos including reviews, races, track days, classic car shows, important interviews, rebuilding and making customised cars. This offshoot from the traditional print magazine is performing great with the latest updated content and videos.

  1. Engineering Explained

The channel has over 2.88 million subscribers and a hub of car making content. It is definitely fun to drive around in the new car but it is even more interesting to know how it was build and the major technicalities behind the simple functions. The channel is hosted by Jason Fenske who simplifies the complexities behind the making of a car and thereby making it very interesting for automobile maniacs. Out of all his videos, the best part is the reviews where he puts forward details to look for while purchasing a car and the complete efficiency of any vehicles. It is surely worth the time.

  1. EricTheCarGuy

A channel dedicated just towards solving car problems and enhancing its efficiency as well as performance on road. Eric’s channel is the one-stop solution for all vehicle-related problems as he provides do-able tricks and tips to keep the car in order and functioning without depending on mechanics and professionals. With over 1.52 million subscribers, EricTheCarGuy is one of the most useful car YouTube channels on the platform that assists people in maintaining and handling problems related to the automobile.

  1. Carfection

The channel is majorly dedicated towards luxury cars and their reviews. It is known mostly for the amazing behind the scenes of cars and their history in the form of a story. The car-based channel has already published some mind-blowing videos that will boost the viewer’s interest and enthusiasm related to cars. With all those luxury car videos and their reviews, Carfection is one of the perfect car YouTube channels to visit.

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