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It is that season of the year- the season of merriment, sharing warmth and bringing positivity. Brands and marketers also do not miss this opportunity to make their presence felt. Let’s look at some of the best marketing initiatives taken by various brands in Christmas 2022:

1. McDonald’s | The List

It’s Christmas and we all have so much to wish for! But in reality we need so little to make us content. McDonald’s Christmas campaign is based on this simple idea and with stunning visuals. We see a little boy, upon his mother’s suggestion, preparing his endless wishlist. But just as he pondered how to reach out to Father Christmas, agush of wind blew his list away. To cheer him up, his parents took him to McDonalds where the family enjoys a nice cozy dinner. As they started to travel home his mother asked him what did he wish for. The boy opnes his palm and we see a small piece of paper that was left from the big wishlist. It only had a happy family- his family! 

2. Disney | The Gift

Disney continues to celebrate magic through their Christmas ad film. With this beautifully made animated film, the team told a story of a growing family. We see that a girl’s life is about to change as she is soon to become a big sister. She is anxious and even lonely at times. But she has her elder brother to comfort her. When the new baby arrives into her life she finally realizes the joy of sharing. Disney has not forgot to place their iconic characters. From Olaf to Mickey, all our favorite Disney characters are here.

3. Kroger | “The Magical Cookbook”

Get ready for an ‘I did not cry-You cried’ moment! Because Kroger’s animated Christmas ad will wring your heart. We see a lonely old man who finds his wife’s old cookbook. He decides to recreate the Christmas magic with the old recipes. He visits Kroger to get his supplies and revisits old memories. Then on it’s an emotional journey, ending with the tagline “Today’s holidays are tomorrow’s memories”.

4. Etsy

With their Christmas ad film, Etsy managed to harp on their prime USP- there’s nothing like handcrafted gifts and also stood out quite well. With stunning visuals and camerawork, we follow the journey of 3 people who are heading home. And as they reunite with their loved ones and share their gifts, it becomes an emotional joyride. 

5. Cadbury | “Going Home”

Trust this iconic brand to create something emotional that connects with the audience every time. With Cadbury’s Christmas ad, we see a group of people going back to their homes, driven by a dedicated bus driver and reuniting with their loved ones. The driver sees people making merry and exchanging gifts as they reach their destinations. At a gas station, the bus stops and we see 2 passengers conversing quietly. And as the driver hops on his seat, he receives a Cadbury bar and a note that says, “Thank you for taking us home. Here is something for you to take home, too.”  The ad truly re-establishes this is the season of sharing joy and warmth.

6. TK Maxx ‘Christmas Nailed’

We believe festivities should not be stressful for anyone- emotionally and even financially. TK Maxx has based its Christmas ad film on this premise. With quirky ensemble, foot-tapping music, pleasing and colourful visuals- they  have established that one can get great gifts with less money at TK Maxx.
“With the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, we know this is a tough year and, for many people, Christmas is such an important time to come together with loved ones,’ said Deborah Dolce, Group Director at TK Maxx.”

7. Sainsbury’s | “Once Upon a Pud”

Sainsbury has taken a fun and entertaining take with their Christmas ad. We see a rather imperious countess who “never really liked Christmas pudding” and now it’s on the chef who has to invent something new. But on the Christmas feast, to everyone’s dismay, he presents another Christmas pudding. But now, the countess is very impressed with it as she tastes caramelised biscuits and finds “ “Oh, that’s a bit of me.” The ad ends with joy, cheer & Sainsbury’s slogan: Taste the Difference.

8. John Lewis | “The Beginner”

With this emotional ad, this UK departmental store has struck the right chords. We see a man practising skateboards day and night- in the beginning, he faces failures and even suffers a few mocking laughs but in the end as he masters the challenge, we see the reason behind it. The couple is about to welcome a foster child who loves to skateboard and as he enters the house unsure of what to expect, she sees the skateboard in the house and there is an instant connection.

9. Very ‘Lots of Days of Christmas’

How many days of ‘Christmas’ are there? If we ask you this question, you will perhaps frown. The retail ‘Very’ took this idea to the next level with their quirky Christmas campaign. Wizzard’s much-loved ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day’  has been used as the soundtrack to establish we actually have many ‘Christmas’ days in our lives probably we dont take notice. The ad also establishes Very as the one-stop gift store for everyone.

10. Penny | “The Rift”

We will end this list with one of the very unique and best Christmas campaigns of 2022. The brand Penny did not shy away from showing ‘the rift’s in our society. Set in Germany, this ad film goes on to highlight socio-political-cultural issues that we see every day. It even delves into climate change, pandemic and how these issues affect our quality of life. The film ends with some food for thought with encourages us to talk to each other, and share our realities.

These best Christmas marketing campaigns of 2022 were full of emotions and definitely created a special space in the hearts of their TG. We hope we get to see so many more of them in 2023.

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