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Pankaj Singh1 year ago

Do you love coffee, as much as me? Can’t get enough of the different flavors, roasts, and grinds? If this sounds like you, head on over to YouTube, to watch and subscribe to your new favorite youtube channel of coffee.

There are is a different youtube channel, for everyone to choose from. It all depends on what your are looking for. Is it how people make their coffee, where they buy it, who they drink it with, or any other option? Forget about Starbucks. Check out youtube to find a channel for you.


This first one is for the beginner, RealChrisBaca. He explains what coffee is, where it is grown, and how it is produced. He goes on to explain the differences between Arabica, and Robusta, so you can make an educated choice of what you prefer. He has several videos explaining the who what, where and why, and how to make different varieties. A very educational coffee youtube channel.

European Coffee Trip

Imagine being able to taste different techniques, from all over Europe. This is what two guys did. Their channel, European Coffee Trip, shows just that. These two men love to travel, and drink coffee. They spent three years traveling Europe, in search of the best java. They visited factories that produce grinders, and espresso machines, as well as restaurants, and cafes. This is an interesting youtube channel, for the adventurer in you.

History Channel

If you want a little history on java, head over to, “The dark side of coffee, documentary” from the History Channel. It tells you the history of when coffee, was thought to first be consumed, how it was, and is processed, all the way from roasting the beans at very hot temperature, but not to hot to burn, to production. There are some stories about your well known manufacturers, and how coffee has evolved over the years. It is a good educational channel to learn about the history of coffee.

The coffee break

This next channels is actually one to “surf” while drinking your favorite cup of java. “The coffee break” a little like, he features lots of short videos to watch about a myriad of subjects. There is even one, on the art of the unapology. Sounds fun to watch, right. Makes for conversation, too. There are some that are useful, like how to beat the cops at their own game, in the interrogation room. Umm, not for me, but an interesting watch, all the same. Next time you are bored. hit this channel up.

Coffee with Sean

Ever dreamed of working on a cruise ship? Grab your cup, and sit down to “Coffee with Sean”. He sits down with his java, in every video, and talks all about cruise ship life, on his youtube channel. He covers why you should seek employment on a cruise ship, the pitfalls to avoid, (namely dating) on the ship, and all the joys of traveling, all over. It’s very informative, for passengers too, as well, as it explains everything from tenders, to the amenities, and descriptions of what goes on, while you are vacationing on the ship. Haven’t you always wondered what the crew does all day and night? All in all, this is an interesting youtube channel to partake in.

Coffee Date Thursday

For all you women java drinkers out there, this youtube channel is for you. It is called, “Coffee Date Thursday”. It is many different women, logging in on Thursdays, with their favorite java in hand, to tell their weekly whim. Every week is a different “whimsy” added. The women log in, and you can choose whomever to follow. One week may be, all your guilty favorite pleasures, another week, pet peeves. It differs every week. Log in and see all your similarities.

James Hoffman

To finish this list of coffee youtube channels is none other than the coffee Guru, James Hoffman. he talks about everything coffee, and has even written two books, “Atlas of coffee, 1 & 2.” This is a great informational youtube channel that talks about anything and everything coffee. Hit this youtube channel for anything you need to know.

If you want to know everything about coffee or just share your love of it, look for a youtube channel to fit your needs.

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