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Instagram is so much more than just a social media platform. We use Instagram for connecting, sharing and even marketing. However, when we are looking for some inspiration or thinking of starting something new and creative, we often turn to Instagram.

Instagram is not only a platform where you follow your favourite celebs, models or influencers but it has slowly become a platform where one can follow artistic and creative accounts. These accounts inspire people and also help them to be more passionate about their interests. In short, one can easily use these Instagram accounts to fuel their imagination and skills as well.

These accounts can be about design, music production, photography, fashion or cooking etc and allows audiences to learn and ideate.

Here are the best Instagram Creative Accounts

moography - Creative Instagram Accounts

1. moography (80.1K Followers)

This account specializes in creating animated illustrations that are basically mini iPhone-sized screens with paper. The designs are quirky, colourful and modern. It is easily one of our favourite creative Instagram Accounts out there.

pinkessay - creative instagram accounts

2. pinkessay (84.6K Followers)

Another creative Instagram account, the Pink Essay team is a creative studio that  explores the design of space through collaborations and special projects. Their posts feature one of the most imaginative furniture designs that are modern and minimalistic.

noeltheartist - creative instagram accounts

3. noeltheartist (113K Followers)

Noel is an artist and a letterer who loves to fill your day with positivity through short hand made quotes & photography. His mind is empathetic and that is why he is one of the best creative Instagram accounts on this list.

producernations - creative instagram accounts

4. producernations (120K Followers)

A creative and foot tapping Instagram account made for promoting a community of talented and creative music producers & musicians. The posts on the account show content on musicians from the globe making amazing songs, covers and DJ tricks. 

nickmillers - creative instagram accounts

5. nickmillers (120K Followers)

Amidst so many of the Instagram handles that throws travel goals at us, Nick Millers shows us, how you can get inspired by one single city and rediscover it, every time. It’s New York for him. If you’re a photography enthusiast, this is the place to be. Millers’ neo-noir style, unique subjects and locations develops a mystery around NY. You can also find captures of other locations in his highlights.

idafrosk - creative instagram accounts

6. idafrosk (232K Followers)

When you combine food with art what do you get? Well, an interestingly creative Instagram account made by Ida Skivenes from Norway. Be it making cute shaped bunnies with pancakes or a Christmas tree with cheese, Ida is able to make the art beautiful and the food tempting.

yesimhotinthis - creative instagram accounts

7. yesimhotinthis (326K Followers)

Ever thought about what it is like out there for a Muslim American woman? Well see the world through the eyes of Huda F through her hilarious take on the American perception of Muslims with her creative web comic illustrations.

thehappynewspaper - creative instagram accounts

8. thehappynewspaper (393K Followers)

As the name suggests, Happy News Paper brings out all things happy. In a world where finding negative news is easy, this handle feels like a breath of fresh air. Other than the unique and heart-warming news posts, the designs of these posts are definitely inspiring for any marketer. - creative instagram accounts

9. (406K Followers)

If you’re looking for creative design inspirations, you must check out this handle’s feed. Edgy, modern- with unique font usage-this is will check all the boxes when it comes to creativity and ideas.

justinablakeney - creative instagram accounts

10. justinablakeney (525K Followers)

Justina is one of the most creative interior designers out there on Instagram. If you love looking at stunning interior design work or looking for an idea for your bedroom, this is one of the best creative Instagram accounts for that.

abeautifulmess - creative instagram accounts

11. Abeautifulmess (675K Followers)

Elsie and Emma celebrates the beautiful mess that life is. The handle is full of creativity and inspirations on art, craft, DIY, recipes and so on.

mattadlard - creative instagram accounts

12. mattadlard (732K Followers)

He is quite famous by the name of Topless Baker. A proclaimed self-taught chef, Adlard will inspire you to go creative with your baking tools. Swoon-worthy desserts, beautiful video (even the thumbnails)- but takes the cake is how brilliantly he uses his behind-the-scene stories. Kitchen successes of failures, he embraces them alike. If you represent a brand that wants to claim relatability, you can follow this behind the scene strategies that will surely give your brand a humane touch- a brand which doesn’t shy away from showing the realities.

mj5 - creative instagram accounts

13. MJ5 (781K Followers)

MJ5 is an Indian dance group and their Instagram account is simply one of the most creative dance accounts out there. With mind numbing performances that combine Michael Jackson moves with Bollywood songs, this account makes everyday life a bit of fun.

parisinfourmonths - creative instagram accounts

14. parisinfourmonths (837K Followers)

Who doesn’t love Paris? The romantic and ethereal charm of this city is ever so engulfing. And Carin Olsson is no exception. She could have well been the inspiration behind the popular Netflix series, Emily in Paris. Carin Olsson weaves the stories of Paris and at times some other cities like Rome and Sweden like no other. Fashion, architecture, art, creativity and most importantly lives of the Parisians- you cannot stop your creative juices flowing looking at this Instagram handle.

myselflovesupply - creative instagram accounts

15. myselflovesupply (3.2M Followers)

When our days get heavy and we need a bit of uplifting, My Self Love Supply extends its hands. Positive affirmations, self-help tips, self-care reminders- this handle is a treasure trove of positivity and creativity. If you’re handling a brand that propagates personal care, you will surely have a lot to get inspired about.

designmilk - creative instagram accounts

16. designmilk (3.8M Followers)

Modern art and architecture blend here. Pop colour, minimalistic creative designs, home décor ideas- Design Milk servers it all.  If you’re a marketer for home and lifestyle category- you’re in for a treat.

humansofny - creative instagram accounts

17. humansofny (11.5M Followers)

Started by Brandon Stanton, this handle has truly taken us all by storm. He celebrates the lives and stories of ordinary people living in New York. Approachable and relatable, this handle opens a new world to us. One story at a time, you can experience how we all are connected beyond the borders of countries.

gopro - creative instagram accounts

18. GoPro (18.8M Followers)

The first brand on this list, GoPro as a company needs no introduction. Their Instagram account is one of the best creative accounts out there when it comes to checking mind blowing and beautiful photos and videos taken by their users of stunning landscapes, blue oceans and adventure sports.

5.min.crafts - creative instagram accounts

19. 5.min.crafts (46.6M Followers)

If you’re into DIY this is the place to be. 5 min crafts revolutionized the way we look at art and crafts. If your looking for upscaling and recycling, you have to follow this handle. Owned by The Soul Publishing, this unique platform can certainly motivate you for some DIY creations.

nasa - creative instagram accounts

20. NASA (72.6M Followers)

NASA’s Instagram account posts are simply out of this world (Pun Intended). If you want to see photos of everything that is interstellar then this is the right account for you. There are photos of planets, constellations, stars, satellites and everything that Nasa is doing to explore the universe. It’s just too beautiful to even describe. 

The above mentioned Instagram accounts are some of the best creative accounts out there and are our personal favourites. There are many other creative Instagram accounts that we might have missed or may not be aware of, we would love for you to write down in the comments below and tell us your favourite creative accounts that you follow on Instagram.

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