Lists Best 5 Custom Reporting Tools & Software for Marketers

Marketers often handle multiple online & offline projects that have separate requirements to be fulfilled in order to deliver the desired result. The number of varieties of projects is directly proportional to the number of tools used on a daily basis to get the job well done in time.

Most of the software that we use these days consist of certain kind of reporting tools or report builders that ease the effort to compile all the data & insights. Despite having these in-built custom reporting tools, there can be an issue with performing some tasks of specific needs for the client.

custom reporting tools

Therefore, opting for the all-in-one custom reporting tools is a smart choice as it helps decrease work pressure on teams, create more data specific output and satisfy almost all needs of report building with special features.

Here we have sorted a few custom reporting tools for marketers that they can use to easily represent information in the form of tables, charts, visual graphics etc. as per needs.

Best Custom Reporting Tools to use

  1. Hive

It is just the perfect tool for managing multiple reporting tasks, project management work and analytics. Hive Analytics is equipped with advanced interactive dashboard backed by powerful AI and machine learning programs. The features enable the marketers to spot errors easily, improve team productivity, gain actionable insights for the project development etc. The tool is well made to calculate time spend, resource allocation, future project planning and other important client-related works. Hive integrates with Google Drive, Zoom, Dropbox, Salesforce and many more. it provides for a 14-day free trial session for customers searching for one of the bets custom reporting tools to enhance their working experience.

Custom Reporting Tools

  1. Google Data Studio

It is easy and free. Brands and marketers can always resort to google for most of their work with confidence. The interactive dashboards, well-built features and resources make Google Data Studio one of the most reliable customs reporting tools. The tool assists users in assembling data and information, analyse the resources, design the output creatively, help the brands narrate the story and create impact effectively. It helps compare, filter, act and organises reports as per needs. Pre-built data connectors, calculated metrics, engaging data visualization, and importance to detailed structure makes the reporting tool stand out.

Custom Reporting Tools

  1. Tableau

Equipped with the best built-in visual practises, analysis features and data representation facilities make tableau one of the most demanded custom reporting tools. It provides limitless data exploration without any interruption to data reading and analysis that helps create some of the best reports. Tableau is the trusted analytics and data management tool that offers great support to the customers and assist in making the finest updated reports.

Custom Reporting Tools

  1. Zoho Analytics

Transforming huge data sets into functional & actionable reports to track the overall business performances is a key feature of Zoho Analytics. It allows the blending of data from a wide range of information sources into interactive dashboards and insightful reports. Zoho Analytics assists users in building the best custom made engaging reports with their amazing drag and drop feature that simplifies handling the tool. Their AI-powered analytics supports the system to develop answers in form of reports, auto-generate presentation reports and forecast trends by deducing ideas from existing data or past records.

Custom Reporting Tools

  1. Whatagraph

Data visualising metrics on traffic sources such as the organic searches and social media, traffic flow on websites, average session times, the bounce rate for specific pages is a key feature of the reporting tool. It easily picks data and information from the Google Analytics base and transforms them into simplified graphs that can complete reports effectively while making them yet more interactive. It helps marketers take better decision on the business front and works towards creating an effective team with more tools to manage the job. All such cool features count in Whatagraph as one of the great custom reporting tools.

Custom Reporting Tools

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