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Putting baby steps in the world of computing, coding or Software industry? Are you an aspiring programmer or see yourself as a leading coder in a software MNC in near future? Then this blog is a must read for you. We all know that YouTube has been the savior for many students and professionals in getting their doubts cleared or for any additional tips and tricks related to any particular computing language. Engineering students from India would also agree that their dependence on YouTube channels has been more than class notes or faculty sessions, during exam preparation or for the last minute gig before the all-important interview. Here is a list of 15 Best Developer Channels on YouTube every aspiring Programmer must follow. The list contains channels specializing in a particular subject or coding language related to software Industry.

List of Best Developer Channels on YouTube

1- Fun Fun Function

Fun Fun Function developer YouTube channels is owned by Mattias Petter Johansson aka MPJ. MPJ has a full-time programming experience of about 10 years having worked for Absolut Vodka, Blackberry & Spotify. Fun Fun Function uploads a new video every Monday at 08:00 GMT. This developer YouTube channel is primarily focused on JavaScript. Though his videos are available for free on YouTube but you can also join dedicated forums and private live streams by donating a meager amount which varies from $2-$9.

*Subscribers Count- 186,348+

*Lifetime Views- 7,554,075+

2-The Coding Train

Daniel Schiffman is the owner of The Coding Train developer YouTube channel. The primary focus of Daniel owned The Coding Train YouTube channels has been JavaScripts and P5js. His signature dialogue in maximum of his videos is Why Not P5js? The best part of The Coding Train developer YouTube channel is that you don’t need any prior subject knowledge to master the skills he is showcasing in the video. Daniel’s approach is very simple and process driven which helps viewers get firsthand knowledge of the subject even for beginners. In case of prior knowledge requirement, The Coding Train ensures you get the solution in his YouTube channel only.

*Subscribers Count- 682,039+

*Lifetime Views- 37,474,141+

3-Wes Bos

Wes Bos developer YouTube channel primarily focusses on React, Node & JavaScript. Other subjects of focus are HTML, CSS, WordPress & Web Development tutorials. A portion of his videos are paid but still, the collection of free videos are abundant in number for programmers to have firsthand knowledge of the subject. Recommended playlist of Wes Bos is JavaScript30 which is a 30 day Java challenge.

*Subscribers Count- 66,750+

*Lifetime Views- 3,724,242+


LevelUp Tuts is a 360-degree development centric YouTube channel owned by Scott Tolinski. The channel was started by Scott and Ben Schaaf but eventually due to time constraints its now fully managed by Scott Tolinski only. With almost 1000+ videos covering various topics, LevelUpTuts is actually 1 level up a library of videos for programmers. USP of LevelUpTuts is the in-depth coverage of all topics while maintaining high production values. Scott gives more priority to practical learning and this is very much evident from the fact that all his videos have screen shared from his practical workouts.

*Subscribers Count- 266,815

*Lifetime Views- 25,328,510

5-AL Sweigart

Al Sweigart is a San Francisco based software developer, UI designer and Tech book author who also owns the YouTube channel under his name. Famous online courses by Al Sweigart are Scratch Game Programming for Young Adults and automate the boring stuff with Python programming. The primary area of focus for Al Sweigart is Python and as mentioned in his website, he has authored numerous tech books. Automate the Boring Stuff with Python sold over 99K copies worldwide as of Jan 2018. Websites owned by Al Sweigart are, & (Video Tutorials for young adults).

*Subscribers Count- 51,023+

*Lifetime Views- 5,228,932+

6-Christian Thompson

His intro reads, a little bit about me and a lot about Python Programming. He is a middle school and teacher and also uploads video tutorials related to Python programming on YouTube. Area of focus is primarily developing games using python. This particular approach by Thompson gives the home page of his YouTube channel gameful look.

*Subscribers Count- 10,360+

*Lifetime Views- 1,059,006+

7-CS Dojo

CS Dojo developer YouTube channel is managed by YK and focusses mostly on programming and computer science. Recommended YouTube channel for coders or programmers looking to brush up their knowledge before attending an all-important interview. Using Discord server, viewers can personally interact with YK to clear any sort of doubts in the domain of programming.

*Subscribers Count- 757,073+

*Lifetime Views- 22,533,329+

8-Siraj Raval

A guy on a warpath to teach AI (Artificial Intelligence) and inspire others to use AI for the betterment of the world. His intro also reads, we are amongst the fastest growing AI communities in the world. He specializes in making games, music, chatbots, art etc using AI.

*Subscribers Count- 518,594+

*Lifetime Views- 24,178,968+


DevTips is a weekly show with new video uploads every Friday at 08:00 GMT. The videos are hosted by David and MPJ, two well-qualified bug generators and teachers. Primary focus of their developer YouTube channel remains on both Website Development and Website Design. Along with advanced videos in their respective domain, DevTips also host videos for beginners. The two hosts also go live with other experts from the software industry.

*Subscribers Count- 314,169+

*Lifetime Views- 14,283,588+ 


Undoubtedly the leading free tech video tutorials provider tech YouTube channel at the moment. With over 4.3K+ videos spanning over different subjects, TheNewBoston can also be called as the digital video library for any aspiring programmer. This tech YouTube channel’s primary focus is on the areas of Programming, Web Design, Game Development, Graphic Design and Networking amongst the industry experts for easy knowledge sharing from real-time projects.

*Subscribers Count-2,162,582+

*Lifetime Views- 419,060,495+

11-Derek Banas

Derek Banas is a leading technology YouTube channel for aspiring programmers or software professionals covering videos in the category of Programming, Game Development, Web Design and many more. According to reviews shared by many programmers in public forums, Derek Banas is an all-inclusive tech YouTube channel perfect for coders looking to scale up their learning in the software industry. New programming videos are uploaded every Saturday and Wednesday and you can catch Derek LIVE at 8 PM EST on Monday and at 7 PM EST on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

*Subscribers Count- 900,819+

*Lifetime Views- 82,689,863+  


Hak5 is not like any other tech YouTube channel. The channel is owned and managed by a band of IT ninjas, Internet Security framework experts and hardcore gamers. It’s a mix of fun tech show + tech tutorials. Subjects covered under tech tutorials by Hask5 are Linux Terminals, VPNs, Wifi Security, and other hacker themed tips and tricks.

*Subscribers Count- 482,869+

*Lifetime Views- 43,123,622+


Codecourse believes in let’s build something awesome. The channel primarily focusses on PHP and has videos both for beginners and programmers looking for advanced versions. Apart from YouTube, you can also watch videos on their website CodeCourse which has over 230 courses & 282 hours of videos. Reviews shared on their website all speak about the great quality of practical projects shared by codecourse in their videos.

*Subscribers Count- 313,847+

*Lifetime Views- 28,575,580+

14-Programming Knowledge

Programming Knowledge tech YouTube channel started in March 2012 and till now has a library of 1.4K+ videos across different subjects in software industry covering Node JS, Python, Android App Development, Linux, Shell Scripting etc. The owner of the YouTube channel is also looking out for contributors and people can contribute their content ideas on his site specially created for gathering new content ideas for Programming Knowledge YouTube channel.

*Subscribers Count- 828,062+

*Lifetime Views- 120,576,966+

15-Clever Programmer

Clever Programmer tech YouTube channel started in the year March 2016 and has been the most sought-after YouTube channels for video tutorials on Python. Apart from python video tutorials the developer YouTube channel also focusses on tips and tricks to help software professionals take their coding skills to the next level effortlessly. The main aim of Clever Programmer YouTube channel is to help beginners in software industry become masters in the trade and go on to become 6 figure earning freelancers. You can also avail personalized and customized tech video tutorials through VIP pass which can be unlocked from The Clever Programmer’s website.

*Subscribers Count- 296,954+

*Lifetime Views- 10,337,715+

The above list of Best 15 Developer YouTube channels has been selected based on the maximum chances of content discovery on search engines + content specialization and user shared reviews on various public tech forums.

Get Set, Watch & Code… Happy Learning..!

*All Stats mentioned as of 18/12/2018

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