Lists7 Best Documentaries on YouTube that you can Watch Right Now

Documentaries on YouTube are not just a great source of entertainment but wisdom, ideas and information. With the rising demand for video content, there is a huge crowd in the OTT and VOD markets with subscription-based as well as rare free streaming service platforms doing their bits to stay relevant.

Considering giants like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Disney Hotstar etc. leading the market, finding a free documentary streaming site is a big task. YouTube being the sole free video streaming platform with noteworthy documentaries tops in matching the expectations of the audiences. YouTube is a storehouse of spectacular documentaries ranging over mind-blowing motivational, spectacular crime sequences, effective nature-based movies etc. that will definitely make viewers think and re-think.

Here we have combined a list of some amazing documentaries on YouTube for the audience to watch or binge on during the lockdown.

7 Best Documentaries on YouTube

  1. The Power of MEDITATION

The documentary is based on a variety of techniques to master the art of meditation in order to promote relaxation, calm the mind and develop energies. It is made in a very smooth manner that is the best fit for anyone trying to or interested in practising the exercise. With a lot of people dealing with chronic stress & depression, meditation is one of the most simple and best ways to attain deserving inner peace. Meditation is a powerful tool to stay in control of one’s senses and this is one of the best documentaries on YouTube to watch.

  1. Free Solo

The National Geography channel published Free Solo is a documentary on the climber, mountaineer Alex Honnold as he determines to climb the face of the 3200ft famous rock El Capitan in the Yosemite National park. Doing all of this without a rope adds an interesting twist to the tale here. While Bouldering and climbing have always been there as a good adventurous and adrenaline-pumping activity, very climbers aspired to do such acts of daredevilry and courage. It is a personal favourite recommendation for people looking to explore adventure sports options in future.

  1. Leaving Neverland

This is one shockingly revealing documentary biography of the world’s once most popular superstar singer Michael Jackson. The story is directly based on the sexual abuse allegations against Jackson by James Safechuck and Wade Robson. It informs the story of the men who were abused by Jackson as children and came to terms with realisation after growing up. The chronicles highlight the legal proceedings in the matter and how Jackson paid civil settlements with his accusers. It is one of the most surprising documentaries on YouTube that will surely leave us thinking about our perception of the personality.

  1. Living in the coldest place on the Earth- Siberia

It is one thrilling experience to stay and survive in the coldest place on Earth. Siberia is the coldest on earth to date and this documentary captures the hardships and living on a human being in the harshest of conditions. The documentary effectively showcases the consequences of living under an extreme temperature. The documentary shows the freezing of minute elements on the body like the eyelashes on the snow which is mind-blowing as well as a weird fact about our survival.

  1. Suicide Forest in Japan

As quirky as well as literal as the name of the documentary itself suggests. Suicide forest in Japan is interesting as well as a slight spooky at times with a jungle full of human bodies. Aokigahara in Japan is a place where around 50-100 people die of suicide every year and the number must have gone higher now. The documentary has an amazing simplified explanation where the narrator is on a nice adventure discovering decomposed bodies and skeletal remains of people in different manners. The video is highly informative and great to watch.

  1. Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware

All tech enthusiasts, assemble! This documentary is a walk through the Silicon Valley of hardware where consumer companies with their manufacturing units are established. Right from the best smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and devices to superior copies of the same devices are widely created and conceptualised here. Apart from just taking us around the popular creative area it also educates viewers about the Chinese market at Shenzhen.

  1. From the DMZ into the Hermit Kingdom- Inside North Korea

Anyone who is interested to know more precisely about life in the derived Marxist-Leninist Juche ideology followed country. The mystery around the living standards in North Korea has always been a part of discussions and we know it is weirdly disciplined and handled by a dictatorship system. right from entering the country with the right documents after trying for some years to interacting with refugees staying in South Korea, the country has untold realities that unfold in the documentary.


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