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Facebook is not just about what’s happening this weekend or finding new friends; it’s also an incredible social learning platform. There are many educational Facebook pages out there that have been created as a resource to collect and share informational & educational knowledge.

Educational Facebook pages offer courses, videos, latest trends, tutorials, and talks, which can be accessed from anywhere for free. The best thing about being on Facebook is the accessibility with which you can get a glimpse of the content while surfing your timeline. So wouldn’t that be fun if you can access your learning resource at your fingertips?

To help in mastering your skills and making education more smart, we have selected some of the best educational Facebook pages from various fields.

1. TED

TED Educational Facebook Pages

Spreading ideas in short, yet powerful talks, TED today covers almost all topics such as Technology, Health, Nature, The Future, Child Development, and many more in over 100 + languages. Their educational Facebook page is full of inspirational and productive video talks from the world’s most enduring creative people. The page is followed by over 14 million people who are looking for cross-training their minds.

2. Marketing Land

Marketing Land Educational Facebook Pages

If you are in the digital marketing industry, Marketing Land is a must-have Facebook page to get daily news coverage and alerts on the latest industry trends, news about analytics and social marketing, recent announcements, and product changes, right there in your News Feed.

3. Edutopia

Edutopia Educational Facebook Pages

An education foundation dedicated to K-12 education, Edutopia is improving the learning process by implementing and advocating best practices. Edutopia prepares students to thrive in their future careers, education, and adult lives. Bring revolutionary transformations in the world of learning, Edutopia’s Facebook page is followed by 1.3M people who believe in improving the quality of education and overall learning.

4. wikiHow

WikiHow Educational Facebook Pages

With a mission to empower every person to learn how to do anything, wikiHow’s Facebook page is full of how-to guides with step-by-step instructions in multiple languages. The page has posts and simple videos covering various topics of your interest

5. MOM ( Mad Over Marketing )

Mad Over Marketing Educational Facebook Pages

For marketing students, this is a repository of interesting facts and creatives. You will learn about advertising trends, prevalent marketing strategies, and other exciting news related to the marketing domain. The page has a fan following of more than 1.3 million Facebook users who get their daily doses of creativity through it.

6. Codeacademy

Code Academy Educational Facebook Pages

Founded in 2011, Codeacademy is an online platform to learn to code in different programming languages, including Java and Python. From web development to data analysis, Codeacademy has plans, courses, quizzes for everyone to learn in the easiest way. Their self-titled Facebook page with over 654K followers keeps you updated on the latest happening in the coding world. Codeacademy has a community of coders to share ideas, new innovations, and help others to learn.

Codeacademy’s Facebook groups are Codeacademy Community and Codeacademy New York City.


NASA Educational Facebook Pages

The official Facebook page of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) needs no introduction.  All the latest happenings and announcements of NASA are made on this Facebook page. With 22M followers and 21M likes, NASA’s Facebook page is followed in every part of the world. The page has NASA Science Live episodes, videos on NASA’s astronauts’ Spacewalk, Airglow Explorer, and more. The page is informative as well as a delight to watch when it comes to space and aeronautics. The page has a Facebook group named “Sciencing with NASA” for NASA’s scientists and citizen scientist to collaborate and chat on science projects

8. PhysOrg

PhysOrg Educational Facebook Pages

Since 2004, PhysOrg has been reporting daily coverage on science, technology, and medicine news. The page shares interesting science and technology stories, uncovers all the details, and presents current events to more than 1.3 followers from the fields of science, research, engineering, academics, and more.

9. National Geographics

National Geographic Educational Facebook Pages

Official Facebook page of nationalgeographic.com, National Geographics is full of explorations, adventures, nature, and science. Their Facebook page is creating awareness and imparting knowledge of our world to us. With over 45M followers, the page is followed by explorers, scientists, and conservationists who believe in creating awareness in the world. Their Facebook group, “Women of Impact”, is a community for everyone to share and post content on how women are exploring and shaping the world by breaking all stereotypes and barriers.

10. BBC News

BBC Educational Facebook Pages

BBC News Facebook page keeps you updated with the latest world news and current happenings. You can watch the most recent BBC news videos, Live videos, and join Facebook groups, including “Your Daily Journal,” “Minimalist life in Crazy Rich Singapore,” “NHS Health Check,” and “Canadian Fans of BBC News.” The page is liked by over 49 million people to gather the latest news from across the world.

11. Dictionary.com

Dictionary Educational Facebook Pages

If you want to learn advanced English words, English definitions, pronunciations, word origins, and sentences, then Dictionary.com is a must needed Facebook page. The page shares a “word of the day,” crossword solver, and rich vocabulary content, which is regularly updated by a team of experienced lexicographers. The videos shared on the page will definitely help you in improving your English language

12. edX

EDX Educational Facebook Pages

Delivering quality education by offering over 2000 online courses like Science & Engineering, Psychology, Data Science, Business & Management, edX is the most trusted online platform for curious minds, and their Facebook page is followed by more than 1.5 million learners. The page regularly updates on new courses and programs from colleges and universities across the world.

13. Grammarly

Grammarly Educational Facebook Pages

Digital writing assistant, Grammarly makes your communication clear and effective by improving communication. Their Facebook page is full of posts on texting etiquette, good writing, words and phrases, abbreviations, and much more. The page is followed by over 6.9M people.

Although this list does not have all of the Educational Facebook Pages, we have tried to contain the most usual ones to start with. If you have any suggestions or inclusions in your mind, then do let us know in the comments section below.

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