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Vishal Sharma3 years ago

People on YouTube each day watch over one billion hours of videos, and YouTube has millions of channels for nearly every interest.  Sometimes, taking a quick break from your chores to watch a short video on YouTube instantly boosts your mood, especially in the late hours of the workday.

Every time you log on to YouTube, there are video clips as per your taste buds, and even before finishing watching the video, you get inspired to click the “Subscribe” button.  While YouTube has a fantastic collection of videos for us, compiling the list of the best entertaining YouTube channels is near to impossible. But, if you are currently stuck in the middle of a dilemma to decide which entertaining video to watch on YouTube,  this blog is a must-read to find some of the most enjoyable Entertaining YouTube channels which are worth watching and subscribing.

*Subscribers data as per 1 Nov, 2019

1. The Ellen Show

35 Million Subscribers

Comedian/Actress Ellen DeGeneres, who hosts an American television “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” needs no formal introduction. The Ellen Show, shortened and stylized as “Ellen” debuted in 2003, and since then, the show has won 61 Daytime Emmy Awards as of 2019, and even surpassed “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in the category of Outstanding Talk Show.

The show is active on all forms of social media, including YouTube. Their YouTube channel is owned by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in partnership with Time Warner.

Ellen’s humor and kindness combined with comedy, celebrity guests, musicians, and human-related stories have been making us laugh for years. The channel is among the 30 most subscribed YouTube channels.

2. Dude Perfect

47 Million Subscribers

An American sports entertainment group of five friends, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, Tyler Toney, and twins Cory and Coby Cotton run the “Dude Perfect” YouTube channel. The group, which is primarily specialized in “trick shots,” often uploads stunts and trick shots using sports equipment and random and random household items into places that seem impossible or require significant skills.

The channel is the 9th most subscribed YouTube channel and 2nd most subscribed sports channel on YouTube. Filled with a dose of entertainment, the channel uploads a special series of videos. “Battle” videos involve fun competition among members with creative spins and set of rules. The “Stereotypes” series depicts humorous scenarios, out of collective experience and situation.  The “Overtime” series mixes fun aspects of their own videos in a talk show parody format.  The team members hold multiple “Guinness World Records”

3. 5-Minute Crafts

61.8 Million Subscribers

Known for “crazy home science tricks” and “life hacks,” 5-Minutes Crafts YouTube channel is the place where you can experience the joy of doing it yourself. From demonstrating crazy hacks to DIY-projects and crafts, the channel is full of bizarre hacks and crafts.

The channel is owned by The Seoul Publishing, who owns other famous YouTube channels such as “BRIGHT SIDE.” Despite controversies around its clickbait, the “How-to” channel is the 4th most subscribed YouTube channel

4. Kids Diana Show

37.1 Million Subscribers

Children’s entertainment video channel, “Kids Diana Show,” features a young girl Diana, with her mother Elena and brother Roma. The channel regularly uploads kid’s videos, including toys unboxing, fun play with water toys, Diana trying on dresses, and much more, which takes us back to our childhood. The channel’s “LIKE IT” kids song gathered more than 300M views. The channel is a new entertainment medium for children, and this super cute little girl is here to rock. Her brother’s “Kids Roma Show” is also a popular Kid’s YouTube channel.

5. VanossGaming

24.9 Million Subscribers

Canadian YouTuber and video game commentator from Canada, “Evan Fong,” better known online as “VanossGaming or Vanoss” is a well-known video gamer, often compared with “PewDiePie” as both have similar gaming style. The videos on the channel are mostly montage-styled or compilations, where Vanoss and a group of friends chat, laugh and make jokes over gameplays.

The channel’s logo is an owl logo, which is his in-games character face in many of the games he plays, including “Grands Theft Auto V” and “Garry’s Mod”.

6. FailArmy

14.7 Million Subscribers

FailArmy YouTube channel run by “JukinMedia” is one of the most popular sources for epic fail videos and hilarious compilations. FailArmy is for people who just go out and try new stuff and laugh in the face of failure. The channel regularly uploads videos on “Themed Fail Compilations,” “Best Fails of the Week,” “Best Fails of the Year” and more.

7. ExplosmEntertainment

10 Million Subscribers

Best known for the Cyanide & Happiness series, ExplosmEntertainment channel makes short comics and animation videos. Cyanide & Happiness is a webcomic series written and illustrated by Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick and published on “” Before debuting on YouTube, the series focused on Facebook and Twitter.

8. The ACE Family

17.7 Million Subscribers

If you are a family person and like to watch fun pranks and challenges, “The ACE Family” YouTube channel by an American couple, Catherine Paiz and Austin McBroom is a must-have channel on your list. They regularly upload videos on family life, pranks, and vlogs, full of humor to entertain viewers.

9. BBC Earth

5.61 Million Subscribers

BBC Earth’s YouTube channel is a fantastic place full of natural wonders, beauty, and stories of our earth. On the channel, you will find thought-provoking and educational natural history documentaries. Being the official channel of well-known “Sir David Attenborough” series such as Blue Planet II, Planet Earth, and Frozen Pilot, this is one of the most exciting YouTube destinations to watch wildlife documentaries of fantastic nature

10. CollegeHumor

13.5 Million Subscribers

Owned by IAC (InterActiveCorp), CollegeHumor is a popular comedy website. Their comedy videos are uploaded on their self-titled YouTube channel. Started by two high school friends and nominated for various awards, the channel has original comedy videos. They host an extensive collection of bizarre sports highlights, sketches, and user-submitted viral videos.

So go to YouTube, watch some videos of the above-mentioned channels, and do let us know in the comments section below about your experiences and feedback.

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