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Eros Now is the subscription based entertainment streaming platform owned by Eros Digital that has made its place in the industry.

With over 100 million subscribers on its site, Eros Now streams some of the finest content that are universally recognised for various reasons. It streams web series under a plethora of genres like thriller, comedy, Drama, biographies, romance and many other which would leave you in long lasting emotions & thoughts.

Eros now not just covers the hit music albums and web series but also amazing movies. It caters to a wide range of audience across the globe and streams shows in number of languages such as Bengali, Gujrati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam etc.

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Now we totally understand how perplexing it becomes when your gang wants to pick the right web series to binge watch this weekend. Therefore, we have listed down 7 best Eros Now web series that you will enjoy watching and are honestly binge-worth.

7 Best Eros Now web series to binge watch

  1. Side hero

A struggling actor who is trying make it make big in Bollywood while keeping up the Family’s name, this series bolds out the struggles of the lead character. Staring Kunal Roy Kapur as the main character in the series it also features Gauhar Khan, Gopal Dutt and Shakti Kapoor.

Best Eros Now web series

The story unfolds in a comical way and depicts the regular problems that Kunal’s character lands in everyday while trying his luck. He works hard, practises different ways out but ends up being the “sidehero” in this series. Watch the fun series to know if he could make it big in the Bollywood.

  1. Salute Siachen

Sending out a tribute to the warriors of India guarding at the Siachen glaciers, Salute Siachen is a patriotic series. It features stars like Arjun Rampal, Ranvijay Singhaa and Arunoday Singh it is about a journey to the peak of the glacier. The paths are full of struggle and risks such a mountain sickness, blood pressure issues and other health concerns following which many made their way back.

Best Eros Now web series

The story is about the team that is trying to conquer harsh weather conditions and challenges their way. The inspiring journey shown in the series makes it one among other best Eros Now web series. If you are a trek, travel and mountain person then this is a motivation your way.

  1. Metro Park

If you have ever known a Gujrati family or person or are one yourself then, you would relate to the series very well. The story line is based on the life of a Gujju couple Kalpesh and Payal who are residing in New Jersey. Their daily struggles with the new place and their notoriously fun family is a definite watch. it is highly entertaining and thus one of the best Eros Now web series.

Best Eros Now web series

Oh! And there is a lot of food, flavour and monetary discussion from the maestros.Watch the series for some real tips from the Gujjus themselves.

  1. Modi: The Journey of a common man

India’s very own current prime minister Shri Narendra Modi has tales to tell too. The series is about his life, career and controversies that made him the man he is and paved his path towards marking his name in the Indian history.

Best Eros Now web series

The 5 episodic of the series explains some of the twisting situations in his career that you can find in this story.

  1. Flip

Being India’s first anthology series, Flip is a combination of 4 amazing stories namely the Hunt, bully, Message and happy birthday. Hunt is about human hunting while bully is about a bully taking his revenge as Message deals with the message that changes the protagonist’s life forever and last story is about a jinx family and the perplexed man of the house.

Best Eros Now web series

The gripping story is worth the watch and is definitely one of the best Eros Now web series.

  1. Operation Cobra

After successful joint research missions of India and the US, a terrorist group gets access to their outcomes and it is a highly advanced technology that can be disastrous in the wrong hands. Agent condor sets out on his mission to solve the issue by entering the civilian groups in the name of Karan.

Best Eros Now web series

He tries to bust the group and rescue the result and in the process he discovers that the girl he fell for is a part of the group too. Heart broken and alone he sets out on the mission alone.

  1. Enaaya

Musicals have always been fun for our generation. This romantic-musical series is about a fun loving girl who likes to sing. The story is around the regular issues faced by youngsters including relationship issues, family matters, friendship, career and rivalries.

Best Eros Now web series

It is surely one of the best Eros Now web series to watch. The girl in subject joins her college band and discovers a whole new world for herself. Watch it online to know more about her college gang and singing expeditions.

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