Lists8 Best Live Streaming Software for Facebook with Updated Features

Live streaming software for Facebook combined with updated broadcasting facilities online has widened the reach of top quality video contents across the globe. Brands and marketers use Facebook live streaming software to customize their content in order to suit the target audience that will then appeal or attract the potential consumer.

As people comment, live share, tag and engage with each other besides the host of the live stream, it also opens up space for various other opportunities and possibilities for all. The live streaming software is few of the most popular broadcasting tools that assist digital celebrities, content creators and hobbyists in capturing, recording, editing, and broadcasting their work online.

These systematic arrangement of tools are very helpful in communicating with viewers and improving the conversion rates apart from other developments in traffic and engagement. Here we have discussed the best 8 live streaming software for Facebook that will help broadcast amazing video content on the social media platform.

Best Live Streaming Software for Facebook

1. BlueJeans

The collaborated power of Facebook’s audience reach and BlueJeans events & video meetups make it one of the most popular live streaming software for Facebook. It has integrated tools to host multi-party video meetings with people you were chatting a few moments back. The unique point about the software tool is that both of its event and meeting software enables users to live stream on Facebook where they can reach up to a large scale audience at once. Using the software will require users to integrate their Facebook profile to the BlueJeans application for direct smooth live streams.

Live Streaming Software for Facebook

2. BeLive

BeLive is a web-based livestreaming platform that allows anyone – from small and medium businesses and retailers to influencers and content creators – to promote their brand, interact with their audience, and grow their community via easily customizable live interviews, talk shows, and broadcasts on Facebook and YouTube.

In September 2019, BeLive was the first livestreaming platform to release a live shopping feature, which allows sellers to easily and elegantly showcase their products on screen.

Just this year, BeLive released the Video Editor where you can easily repurpose your livestream content and promote them across your social media channels. With their smart and efficient Video Editor, you can cut, trim, and download snippets of your broadcast in a matter of minutes! This is especially useful for busy entrepreneurs and content creators who want to make the best out of their content.

Live Streaming Software for Facebook

3. StageTen

This live streaming software for Facebook not just assists users in streaming content live but also create ‘scenes’ to provide a much dynamic, real-time experience to their viewers on the platform. These ‘scene’ in StageTen software are templates/layout where users can drag and drop video content, lower thirds, screen shares, and other graphics for better, visual appealing live streams. It is a very useful live streaming software that can help users create magic in live streams.

Live Streaming Software for Facebook


4. LiveReacting

It is one of the fastest-growing live streaming software for Facebook that assists the creator in developing more interactive video streams with trending tools to attract new followers. LiveReacting is designed with a strong algorithm that amplifies the engagements on a live stream by 5 to 10 times over normal streams on the platform comparatively. The well-organised all-in-one site tools & features allow users to easily navigate and utilise resources to create good videos in less time. They own over 20 templates with separate interaction mechanics especially designed to go with the various types of posts that users want to broadcast.

Live Streaming Software for Facebook

5. VMix

It is one of the most powerful live streaming software for Facebook that has several features that not just help in recording and mixing video content but also broadcast it in many desirable ways. VMix has a professional dashboard that is capable of broadcasting in 4k UHD using various video capturing devices. Moreover, the software is full of creative templates, transitions, animation and layouts that suit the user agenda.

Live Streaming Software for Facebook

6. Wirecast

This video capturing software allows users to extract videos from different videography devices into the main desktop/device and stream it live on Facebook. It is surely a professional live streaming software for Facebook that requires basic knowledge about broadcasting as it will be less user friendly with beginners. Most importantly Wirecast is a hub of templates, layouts that users can customise as per requirement. People can easily add transition effects, text updates, lower thirds, countdown timers etc.

Live Streaming Software for Facebook

7. Zoom Webinar

Now we all know this superstar in the list that is most popular for its incredible user-friendly features that accommodate any type of meetings, events, webinars etc. with just a few simple steps. Apart from robust meeting software, Zoom webinar enables users to invite participants, create a room and live stream on Facebook. People who are looking for simple streaming software that is basic and extremely user friendly can use the application for the purpose. Moreover, an unlimited number of attendees can watch live streams on Facebook.

Live Streaming Software for Facebook

8. StreamYard

It is an effective and efficient live streaming software for Facebook that is available with a lot of layouts to help users customize the broadcast. One can add several graphics to create a relevant scene on the stream that will appeal to viewers. This software easily pulls the comments and tags from the Facebook dashboard into the software deck where it can be easily viewed and handled without extra hassle. There is ample opportunity for marketers to brand themselves with colour coding live streams, adding banners etc. with the paid version which will otherwise come with a watermark. Overall StreamYard is very useful in terms of recording, customising and broadcasting videos hence is one of the best live streaming software.

Live Streaming Software for Facebook

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