Lists12 Cool & Best Fashion Brands on Instagram to follow in 2021

Fashion brands on Instagram change the complete idea about the conventional brands that we count in the list of the basic fashion labels in the market. Here it is a completely different story where the various top-notch brand labels came under spotlight after millions of follows, likes, comments and shares from the audiences online. These best fashion brands on Instagram are unique, spontaneous and in sync with the latest of latest trends around.

Understanding the brands here, they are initially judged by the grid presentation followed by their engagement trials on reels, stories and polls instead of the regular brick & mortar shop experience. Moreover, the Fashion brands on Instagram collaborate with influencers who add relevancy to the brand and its product thereby encouraging viewers to not just look but buy. There is a shop now CTA on every post, users can swipe up for more details on the product and make the process easier for all.

Best Fashion Brands on Instagram

  1. Paloma Wool

The Barcelona based brand is an expert on designing comfortable yet stylish clothing as well as accessories. Their wide range of quirky dresses, dungarees, denim blouses, classic shirts and patterned jumpsuits are a huge hit with the online audience. They can ship worldwide and are surely one of the best fashions on Instagram.

Best Fashion Brands on Instagram


  1. Tach Clothing

This emerging brand is rapidly reaching the Instagram audience with their ethically designed, neatly knitted clothes. Their choice of color ranging from fresh pastels to solids and patterns including polka dots have been people’s favourite. Tach clothing originates from Uruguay with their cardigans, bralettes, linen tops and blazers being a few of the most ordered apparel type. Their overall social media marketing besides quality product makes them one of the few best fashion brands on Instagram.

Best Fashion Brands on Instagram

  1. Phlemuns

Bella Hadid, Billie Eilish, Clairo, Lil Naz X are the top celebrities who have worn the designs by Phlemuns, a gender-neutral label that promotes basic human rights of all minorities in particular. Their Instagram profile mentions “Black-owned, Black Led” which specifies their vision beside the fashion and clothing agendas. Phlemuns are one of the few best fashion brands on Instagram that sticks around the latest trends and has amazing designer wear. Right from the suit sets, blazers, dresses, stripes and check-patterned wear to pleated skirts & jackets, they have it all.

Best Fashion Brands on Instagram

  1. The style hive

This Instagram brand in India is a great place for all interested in fashion, styling and staying in trends. Their clothing collection is stylish as well as cheap at the same time. The dresses, shoes and other accessories price start at 1000 INR which is a steal deal for such quality products.

Best Fashion Brands on Instagram


  1. Zooomberg

It is just the right place to source all your summer dresses, fancy tops, classic gowns and party wear for the season. The best part about shopping with the brand is that they have a website and one can easily return or exchange products within the country. Their fabrics are unique yet chic and exhibit subtle hints of glamour and style form all ways. It is definitely one of the best fashion brands on Instagram.

Best Fashion Brands on Instagram

  1. Closet Hues

This one is a personal favourite as they have some fabulous jackets, shrugs, skirts, designer gowns, party wear and more that are easy on the pocket. They have recently launched their website that hosts great deals on clothes and accessories. Most of the clothes have been worn by leading celebrities of the industry including inmates at the big boss house. While their cardigans, sweaters, oversized hoodies are a hit in the winter, their beautifully designed gowns, short dress and laced tops will add the oomph to our summer wardrobes.

Best Fashion Brands on Instagram

  1. House of Masaba

The young storehouse of talent in the fashion industry, Masaba Gupta keeps experimenting with various designer patterns, textured clothing, traditional artwork etc. to create some fabulous masterpiece for her customers. House of Masaba is a leading brand in the B-town where the actors and other celebrities pick their bests from. The Instagram profile is a beautifully organised setup showcasing the various styles that are upon different seasons and occasions. Their collection ranges from quirky seasonal prints & graphics to fusion wear that can make anyone look gorgeous. The Masaba land is a spectacular space to buy womenswear, menswear, accessories and masks that are always trending in fashion. Do check their EID edit collection for some vibrant outfits to suit the festival.

Best Fashion Brands on Instagram

  1. Staud.Clothing

This is a brand that curates and creates some of the finest clothing and accessories for women that are fun, chic, vibrant and fresh in both feels as well as look. Their Instagram game is really strong with amazing beach photoshoots, a collection of bags, shoes, quirky dresses etc. that feature their brand more suitable for a beach day any day. Staud.Clothing is a good choice for people who are looking for comfortable yet colourful variants of dresses, suits, jumpsuits, gowns, summer clothe etc. They are surely doing a great business with a good number of following as well as loyal customers. It is a brand that one must check to know the latest trends in fashion and buy some amazing handbags, clutches and purse.

Best Fashion Brands on Instagram

  1. Andrea Iyamah

They are a brand beyond the conventional society, style and stigma. Andrea Iyamah is a brand that is known for designing some of the best summer dresses, swimsuits, robes etc. they are popular for resort wears. The brand is all support for feminism, queer community, gender equality, body positivity and other growing communities which makes them play a huge role in the way society accepts fashion. The brand label is one of the top favourite picks of celebrities because every time their Instagram feed has a new post, there is an instant urge to DM them for the details and delivery.

Best Fashion Brands on Instagram

  1. Cult Gaia

Ruffled resort wears, long textured gowns, knitted tops, and swimwear are a few of the most loved fashion clothes advertised by the label on Instagram. Their brand has a huge collection of the best luxury wear, accessories, one of its kind bags and more that customers can buy all over the globe. Jasmin Larian started the brand as a simple bag making company that later expanded and explored the best of all fashion world thereby making some fabulous apparel teamed with matching jewellery, bags and other accessories. The clothes are comfortable, have great quality and are accepted well by their customers thereby making them one of the most loved brand.

Best Fashion Brands on Instagram

  1. The Frankie Shop

Hello, working folks! Here is a brand just working to make your board room personality appear best besides that outstanding presentation besides making your days comfortable. The neat pleats, clean-cut dresses, classic shirts and suit for women can change the atmosphere anytime and ladies who love adding that grace and simplicity to their fashion can check their profile now. The clothes designed by the label are cool, edgy and sustainable that is the outfits including the blazers, sweatshirts etc. are made of organic fibre. It is one loved brand that understands the need to equalize style for all and simplify the gender-based fashion norms.

  1. The Summer House

This sustainable Indian brand ensures to do its bit towards changing the buying habit of customers by creating amazing clothes from organic fibre. The eco-friendly brand has a well-curated and selected range of dresses, regular pants, gowns and 60s inspired swimwear that anyone would love to buy. It encourages people to get into conscious buying and indulge in a harmless shopping experience by buying clothes from brands that are pro-environment. Their dresses, kurtas, tops, robes, kaftans, pants and suits are the result of good research, craftsmanship and kindness. Do check the Instagram profile to understand their business yet more closely and indulge in an organic sustainable clothes shopping spree.

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